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The tragedy of everyday living consists of too many people working very hard at a life they have no clue what it really means or represent.

Many of us were raised and nurtured to chase comfort, riches and social relevance all life long – the lack of which we feel inadequate, backward and as failures in life. Unfortunately, this is absolutely what life is not about. Life is not about comfort, life is not about riches; life is not about social relevance. That is simply why, no man ever gains satisfaction from the pursuit of all these no matter how wealthy, powerful or rich they become, mankind will always want more, crave for more and desire more riches, comfort and social status.

The wealthiest men want more, the most powerful men want more power and most world famous celebrities still do heavy drugs, are hooked on excess alcohol, suffer intense depression, loneliness – most of them feel empty and are suicidal in their regular thinking.

If it’s very clear people richer, more famous, more relevant and powerful than you are not even half as happy or peaceful as you are most times, please tell me why every single day of your life, you’re working very hard, from dawn to dusk pursuing what apparently will not bring you more peace, joy, happiness and satisfaction you want in your life?

Think with me this morning and ask yourself this question truthfully and answer to yourself sincerely, why are you working so hard? I conclude it’s mostly because first, you’re afraid of not having money, second, seeking social relevance through your job, thirdly you want to become a powerful or influential person through your employment position or occupation.

Dear friend, think about this carefully, if suddenly, you’re given a million dollars and a guarantee that once it’s finished, you will be given another sum continuously till the end of your life, would you still be on your way to your office right now? Will you still be doing what you’re doing? Will you still be as hardworking, as diligent, as committed and involved in your place of employment? If your answer is sincerely yes, then I’m very happy for you, you’ve found your place in this life, if however, your answer is no, dear friend, you need to understand this life and your own life.

You see, that thinking, that mindset or orientation that you’re in this world to work hard so as to become comfortable, rich and happy is misleading. Rich people are not always happy, most wealthy people hardly sleep well, most powerful people are usually anxious, usually worried and insecure.

Haven’t you noticed immediately a fine young man takes on a powerful position of responsibility, within months they begin to age really fast and grow gray hair? It’s the consequence of intense pressure, responsibility, worry, anxiety and their human frailty.

Listen to me my dear friend, you are not placed in this world to chase power, position, riches, relevance and wealth. You are placed in this world to birth position, power, wealth and riches. Your own position, your own power, your own wealth and the relevance, tailor made for you, which suits your personality type and natural abilities and strengths, in your own place in this world, is inside of you.

If you’re in your place, in your position, in your own place of power and within your destiny ordained riches, you will carry and wear all of them with so much ease, elegance, ability, charisma and gait. You will sleep well, without anxiety, no tension, depression or worries, you will not only live well in life, you will enjoy every single day of your life.

True happiness, peace, comfort and power without tension, anxiety, depression or worries have to do with all these being yours and not borrowed.

Dear friend, money cannot bring you happiness if without it you’re not already a happy person. You can even have a lot of money and power and still be jealous of a junior colleague, your employee or even your steward who perhaps is happier, sleeps better and satisfied with life.

You can have billions in your bank account and still be stealing public funds because being poor is not about what you have but how you think.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I announce to you that all men including you are born as slaves to the system of this world, the wise ones and the objective thinkers however, have learnt to buy their freedom in good time and obtained a release by birthing their own money, power, relevance, peace and happiness in life.

Most of us remain slaves in life; we are not happy, peaceful, fulfilled or satisfied because we live our lives patterned after what we are told is the superior way of life. We are told some professions are more lucrative, prestigious and rewarding, so even if you’re not designed for it, you jump in there. You are told owning some kind of possessions and living a certain way makes you belong, and even if it sends leanness to your soul and dryness to your spirit, you follow the crowd simply because it’s popular.

My dear friend, in less than 30 days, it’s a brand new year, what is your mega achievement in 2017? Make today your freedom day. It’s time to buy your freedom. It is time to stop living for others and start living your own life. That thing you’re so passionate about and you’ll want to do, not for the money but because it makes you happy, it’s time to do it. Dear friend, you need three things to pay your way into this freedom zone of your life.

  1. Money. Stop buying material things and spending your cash to impress people. It’s time to spend on training and capacity development in your area of destiny. Master what you really love to do, be very good at it and build your life and financial empire doing that which your maker ordained for you to do on earth. Spend your money on training and you’ll deliver excellently with ease. No sorrows, no stress, no worries. Cos It’s your place.
  2. Time. Decide today to create time for continuous improvement in that which you’re passionate about and created for. Mastery is not doing something until you’re very good at it, mastery is doing something you’re already good at until you can never fail at it.
  3. Connect with people that can train and develop you in the vocation, business or profession God ordained for you in destiny. Iron sharpeneth iron, stop hanging around the wrong people. If a bat hangs around rats for too long it will forget it can fly. The fact that you look very much like your friends and colleagues right now does not mean you’re not superior in destiny and purpose. Change your association.

Dear friend, don’t continue this rat race next year, your money, power, wealth and relevance is connected to your purpose not profession passé. If you want great blessings that will make you rich without sorrow, it’s tied to your destiny and calling in life. Set yourself free from the orientation and system of this world, transform by pursuing your God given dreams, buy your freedom, it’s within you.

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  1. Israel says:

    What if I don’t have what I am passionate about?… I have tried really hard discovering it.. It is not just working .. I have had series of passions but right now, I don’t just have any. I just go to work ,teach and repeat the same process everyday.

  2. Kane Titus says:

    I am Kane Titus, one of your adent listener. I really want to be part of your business academy. I tried calling the line giving above but there was no response.

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