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A delusion in life is in the future appearing so far away yet the days are running so fast and catching up you’ll hardly notice. The year 2010 is actually 8 years ago and before you know it, it’ll be 10 years ago. Now add ten years to your age and see how quickly you’re running out of time. If you were 30 years old in 2010, in 24 months or less you’ll be 40, if you were 40 in 2010, 24 months or less you’ll be fifty. And if you were fifty, you’re about to clock sixty.

So the big question that’ll follow this is, what is that significant achievement you can boast of in your life from 2010 till date? What great thing or things have you done in this decade? I’m not talking about the regular stuff that is commonplace that most people too can easily accomplish, like graduating from school, earning a promotion at work, salary increases, a new car and the likes. I’m talking about a major step change, paradigm shift, accomplishing an escalation in life, a mind-blowing accomplishment worthy of attention and commendation from people you know and people you do not know? What have you achieved that most of your contemporaries and mates find difficult and are yet to achieve? What is that record-breaking accomplishment you can proudly point to in this decade and because of it, your life and results have become an inspiration to many?

You see, based on our mediocre external conditioning in this part of the world, and the very common, rife and popular materialistic orientation that is anti-progress by nature, many of us lack the aptitude to plan our lives successfully. Many of us live a plan less life. We live for the day, for the moment, for the salary, for the bills, for the needs, to impress, to oppress and for popular approval.                                                                                                                For Audio Version Click here

Many of us, of course, have dreams and desires but have no realistic methods, strategy or approach for bringing to pass the dreams, consequently, we mostly believe we can use the instrument of religion to get the maker to grant our wishes without any intelligent effort on our part.

You cannot buy from God what he’s already deposited in you, you cannot demand or ask from God a potential he’s already designed you to manifest, all that pertains to life, is already wired into you to manifest, however, religion these days say different as though God is deliberately withholding your ability for success and greatness and you must impress him with gifts and things for him to make you what He already made you. How absurd.

The annoyance in our journey through this life is our eagerness to reject the responsibility, work and sacrifice required for great manifestation and glory, and how we love to conveniently hold our maker responsible in one way or the other for our non-performance in many areas. Consequently, we intensify religious rituals and neglect required intelligence, activities, knowledge, hard work and necessary sacrifice for desired results.

So instead of reading all night for example, we prefer to pray all night, instead of reading professional books we prefer to read exclusively the holy books. So when the not-so-religious but hardworking, intelligent and purposeful people begin to manifest greatness, we covet their glory and want to claim what they worked to earn by faith. Please do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with religion unless and until its applied irresponsibly.

What is your greatest achievement in this decade? Where is the greatness you carry on your inside? How far with you and your brainchild? What is going on with your childhood dreams? What you’ve always dreamt of becoming, how far is your transformation process towards it? Do you have a life plan? Do you have a life strategy? Do you have well thought through methods and procedures for growth and success? Are you living for the now or building a great life?

Truth be told, many of us are living for the now, that’s why we are having less than glowing results in our lives.

Most of us think, plan and act on short-term bases. We regularly react and respond to immediate situations and stimulus in life. We are mostly driven by how we feel not what is right and superior. Many of us sell our birthrights and trade our great destinies for temporary hunger in our bellies.

We are mostly enticed by what others are doing and enjoying now, we give up on our own brighter and great future to keep up or to identify with others for now. We do not want to endure today’s pain, hunger, rejection, lack and deprivation to secure tomorrow’s greatness, glory, pride, peace and prosperity.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time you grow up and become more mature. Don’t let this flesh control your life, don’t let friends and temporary hunger and people determine your journey. Don’t sell your destiny right out of the desperation to hold on to a job, a friendship, a relationship, a business, a location or an intimacy. Determination is not desperation, learn to move forward when it’s time to move forward.

Dear friend, It is time you plan your life by the decades. In your thirties what’s the big plan? In your forties what’s the big break? In your fifties what’s the phenomenal achievement? In your sixties what do you have to deliver? In your seventies how will you touch the world? In your eighties what is your legacy?

Have a major goal for each decade and coordinate your activities every year in that decade towards that main goal. Be determined to excel. Be the best in your ambition, top the game, beat the rest, be the most excellent and money will naturally fall on you, pursue you and fill up your life! When you excel, money becomes your servant.

What’s your ten years plan for your career, business, marriage, children, finances, relationships, investment and purpose for living? Thinking ten years ahead improves your quality of decision making, liberates you from intimidation, inferiority, envy and vain competition, and it gives you control over your immediate environmental upheavals.

For that great goal of the decade, what knowledge do you need, what contacts do you need, what skills do you need; how much cash do you need? Dear friend, be patient in life and earn your glory, stop jumping here and there for an instant breakthrough, it’s not real, it’s a trap, no real breakthrough is instant, God designed great things to grow over time, greatness follows a process. Calm down, plan your life, and mark it by the decade.

What will you say is your greatest project for this decade? You see, without a life plan, without long-term plans, you’re hardly inspired and motivated through life as your life will end up a boring routine with no flavors or colors.

When you’re not busy with your plans you can’t see the opportunities and advantages around. If for example, you’re not building a house, building materials wouldn’t really fascinate you. So it is with your life, if you’re not building your life, no situation, development, policy, new ideas, inventions, innovation or discovery will fascinate you. You will see the problems and negative side of everything, why? You don’t find them useful ‘cos you’re not doing anything that will make these things valuable or relevant.

Dear friend, stop living for now, go to that school, attend that program, develop that skill, read those books, join the business network, learn the trade, start the rehearsal, open the shop, register the business, buy the equipment, create your brand, commission the feasibility studies, end that toxic relationship, oya, go and propose to her today and stop wasting her precious time, stop living for now!

How far with this decade, the days are running so fast, you’re aging every minute, you’re older now compared to when I started talking, that’s how life flows, like sand through the hourglass, make your life meaningful, plan by the decade.

Please enjoy your day.

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  1. Khare Morgan says:

    God bless you sir!

  2. Alao Daniel says:

    Hmm well inspiring sir more wisdom God bless

  3. lamyy says:

    Beautiful Piece…

  4. Chinomso says:

    Indeed, life is a race against time! You have said it all sir! Wonderful piece. More grace to you!

  5. Joshua Timi Opigl says:

    Thank you sir! Your a blessing to me.


    I’m inspired.

  7. Babatunde says:

    More grease to you elbow sir

  8. Adiele Wisdom says:

    May God continue to bless and increase u sir, thanks

  9. Adebayo Abdul Rasheed says:

    You are on point sir. More grease to your elbow. God bless you sir.

  10. David says:

    Great information! God bless.

  11. Esther says:

    I feel like you were talking to me alone. This thing about time worries me. God bless you sir.

  12. ayomide yekinni says:

    Mnn great talk and good for our life God bless you Sir am great full.

  13. Hassan afeez says:

    God bless you for this write up. You are my mentor and I look forward to meeting you someday. The love i have for motivational speaking and writing is so huge. Sometimes when I watch and listen to you on Radio, T V and YouTube I always feel like am seeing my future. You are a blessing to our Generation

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