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He couldn’t understand it; he was exasperated and fed up. This was definitely not what he bargained for. If he had a clue this was how his marriage would turn out, he wouldn’t have danced that much on the wedding day, in fact, he would have remained single.

Bola, his wife was still in bed at 7:30am. She was fast asleep and snoring, her eyes were not fully shut and saliva was drooling down her lower cheek.

She turned to readjust her sleeping position and the bed creaked under her heavyweight She had become like four times her initial size and her tummy as though she’s permanently pregnant.

Tunde looked at her again and shook his head; this definitely was not what he bargained for.

The room was stuffy and smelly. The faint stench of dirty clothes and sweat filled the room. The room was also a bit damp from the moisture in the air seeping in from the damp bathroom.

Tunde looked around the room; the curtains looked very dirty with stains prominent around the middle and fine dust settled around the top by the ledge. Lovely cream colored curtains have become dirty brown and gray from dirt over time, yet, his wife wouldn’t notice or didn’t care.

The floor of the bedroom especially by the entrance of the bathroom had become brown and sticky from dirt. A damp, dirty towel hung over the doors of the wardrobe and the shoes on the shoe rack were all covered in a layer of fine dust. The laundry basket was filled up with dirty clothes and some of these clothes hung out from inside the filled up basket.                                                                                                                                           For Audio Version Click here

The dressing mirror was covered with all manners of stains and powder particles and the dressing table showcased a huge collection of half opened, empty and overturned containers of powder, creams, lotions and puffs, including lipsticks, eye pencils, and spread out sheets of paper with powder on them. Two dirty wigs hung from the top left angle of the dressing mirror and Tunde noticed mosquitoes and tiny moths perching on the wigs and several strands of hair extensions all over Bola’s dressing area.

Tunde shook his head and walked out of the bedroom in exasperation, as he made to descend the stairs, he heard his 18 months old baby crying in her room adjacent to their own bedroom, he went to her room and found the poor girl seated up in her cot holding on to the railings; she had been crying for a while her diapers were so wet and even the blankets and cover sheets were wet too.

The girl kept crying and stretched out her hands for her daddy to pick her up. Tunde had changed her diapers twice overnight, the diapers his mother in law bought was really bad, it wouldn’t stop leaking; making the poor girl wet and uncomfortable.

Tunde took his daughter to the bathroom, gave her a warm bath, changed her diapers and clothing, brought her downstairs to Patience the maid to feed her; he was already very late for work that Friday morning.

Tunde looked at his wristwatch, it was already 8:20am, he was so late. He rushed out of the building to his car and headed for the office.

As he drove along the busy Lagos metropolis, he couldn’t help but worry about his marriage. He had regrets, great regrets. How did he end up with a woman like Bola as a wife he kept questioning? The woman in his house now is definitely not the woman he used to know and date and love and cherish. She has totally changed and has become a different person altogether.

She has become so lazy, dirty and laid back. She wasn’t that way or rather he didn’t think she was that way. Bola used to be very trendy, beautiful and charismatic. She used to work for an advertising Agency and she was a client service Manager. He was an Assistant Brand Manager in a marketing company and Bola was his contact person.

Then, she came across as very hardworking, passionate, devoted and intelligent. She was very good at what she did and was liked by everyone on the client side.  Bola used to be all over the place, interacting, laughing, presenting and defending her creative and copies professionally. She knew her job, carried herself well and looked like a good woman to marry.

In retrospect, Tunde believed he was quick in his judgment to assume being career minded is the same as being domesticated, he assumed if she did her job well she would manage the home front well too,  how wrong he was.

Though they were familiar with each other on the job then, he dated her for just six months and married her; apparently, he did not take his time to study her well.

Today she is so different, it appears all that she was, was just an act and a show to make her look like a wife material, it now seems her ultimate goal was to hook a man, as after the marriage she gave up on everything – her appearance, her figure, her style, her hardworking nature and her personality. It’s now a matter of I’m now married, I have what I want, who is looking at me. A very cute and beautiful lady has now become very fat and fleshy and dirty just after one childbirth. Her clothes don’t fit anymore and she now looks almost twice her age – worst of all, she doesn’t care.

After the birth of her daughter, she refused going back to work after her maternity leave was over as according to her she couldn’t combine the stress of nursing a baby and working at a career.

Can I possibly change her? Should I file for a divorce? Should I just abandon her? What happens to my daughter? What will people say?

These were the thoughts on Tunde’s mind when he arrived at his office that morning and he immediately went to work and forgot all about his worries.

It was 6:45 pm that Friday evening. A call suddenly came through from the reception for Tunde, ‘hello sir, Linda is here to see you sir’, said the receptionist. Tunde thought for a while,’ let her come in please’, he responded.

Tunde began to think about Linda, a girl he met about five weeks ago at a corporate event. It appeared Linda suddenly took a liking to him as she paid special attention to him and was all over him. Since the event, she had been calling and had been bold enough to actually ask for her to be his mistress. Tunde was quite uncomfortable with this Linda girl, though very beautiful, fun to be with and very attractive, her confidence, audacity and approach made Tunde suspicious and uncomfortable. More importantly, he is a disciplined man and he believes in loyalty and faithfulness in marriage, but this evening the frustration from his wife’s behavior and his loneliness made it quite easy to really desire Linda’s company.

It was 2:30am that night; Tunde was fast asleep in the hotel room he had taken Linda to earlier in the evening. They had shared so much together; eating, drinking, talking and generally having fun, for the first time since he got married, Tunde was unfaithful to his wife Bola.

Linda looked at the time, quietly sneaked out of bed, wore her clothes and left the hotel room. Downstairs outside at the car park of the hotel, she made the urgent call, ‘hello, hello Sam, it’s me, Linda, yes I got it, I got what you asked for, yes, I got the pictures. Sam laughed out loud at the other end of the line, bring it quickly to me now, we’ve got him. Sam was Tunde’s number one rival and enemy at the office. With this, Tunde was finished.

Ladies and gentlemen, marriage is much beyond feelings, it’s more about responsibilities and compatibility. Beyond what you feel for that partner are you truly committed to carrying out your responsibility and duties in marriage?

Do you still have what your partner saw in you before choosing to marry you? Are you now laid back, complacent and careless?  My dear man, what are you doing with that pot belly and dirty ways of doing things? My dear woman what happened to your figure eight, your dress sense, your style, passion and enthusiasm?

Fill your marriage every day with excitement, love, care, sensitivity and passion. If you empty your marriage, you could empty your purpose and possibilities unknowingly. Think right and take responsibility.

Ladies and gentlemen, what does it take? Are you willing to give whatever it takes? Be wise.

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  1. mavis says:

    no matter what it takes i will do my best to tolerate my partner and make things right the way it used to be, i will strife for a brand new us.

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