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The world today is full of too many hardworking non achievers. The real potentials and possibilities of our nation is yet to be harnessed or realized because many of us are not doing what we should be doing, we are actually busy at what we assume we should be doing.

Success does not come by doing what you find, success does not come by doing what you choose; you can only succeed by doing what you should be doing.

You see, the world can be very difficult and uninteresting for people wrongly placed in life. If you are working hard on something not meant for you, if you’re toiling very hard in a place not meant for you, you will not be a happy or fulfilled person in life.

If the motivation, pleasure and happiness on your job is tied exclusively to the money made, I’m afraid you’re perhaps not in your place in life.

If you’re not deriving joy, fun and satisfaction from doing what you’re currently doing, you are most likely in a place not meant for you.

Money and financial comfort should be a byproduct of an interesting and fulfilling career venture, it should never be the motivating factor. What you do should, in itself, bring excitement, motivation and inspiration. If you’re not motivated and inspired by your job, you will hardly be happy at it.

If you don’t enjoy what you do, you won’t be excited about it, if you’re not excited about it, you can’t be creative with it, if you’re not creative with it, you can’t be innovative about it and if you’re not innovative, you will become obsolete, irrelevant, outdated and consequently broke.

It is impossible to improve or grow or be innovative about anything you don’t find exciting or interesting. That, I submit is a major bane on our collective speed of growth and development in Nigeria. Many of us are just doing the basic required of us in our employments, we are not applying our minds to innovation, creativity and improvement. This is because we really don’t enjoy what we do, we’re doing it basically for the salary. The primary motivation for employment for many Nigerians is the financial reward, not the job or task itself.                                                                                                                 For Audio Version Click here

Many of us were unfortunately raised and nurtured to prioritize money as the exclusive definition of a good employment, so it is not entirely our fault. A fantastic job today in Nigeria is defined by how much you’re paid, not how fulfilling or satisfying the job is. This orientation is unfortunately frustrating our productivity index as a nation, as many of us are working for salary and not for real productivity.

Many of us go to work daily because we have to show up to get paid, even if we do nothing all day long we don’t feel bad or guilty. We showed up, hence should get paid. That’s why many of us look forward to public holidays with excitement. Hmmm

If you are employed in organizations that pay rather well in Nigeria, you are perceived as lucky and successful even if you hate the job, hate the place, find it restricting, frustrating, demeaning, stressful and in total contrast with what you truly love and want to do in life.

A society where cash is primarily celebrated as evidence of success cannot truly grow, develop or advance as it should. This is because the people will avoid employments at places they rightly belong, and gravitate towards employments that tend to pay more cash wise.

Psychology, history and research have confirmed people tend to excel more doing what they are gifted and passionate about not really what they studied in formal schools.

Talented and passionate people are the most successful people in the world through history and till now, not only in net worth but in impact and transformation effected within their societies and beyond.

Success is not just what you possess, success is measured more by what you influenced and improved positively in your society and in your generation.

A mentality and venture that prioritizes what you can acquire and own will bring you deep regrets and loneliness in the latter years of your life.

Being successful in life comes from pursuing wealth, not just riches. Being rich is measured in terms of cash and items and properties, being wealthy however is measured in terms of cash, items, properties and most of all people.

The number of people you know in this world is not as important as the number of people who know you, love you, appreciate you and desire to bless you. Your wealth is measured by the number of people who know you and appreciate you enough to release things to you freely without you paying for it.

When people are willing to offer you houses, cars, food, travel tickets, seven star hotel experience, offer you free holidays, vacation trips, scholarship for your children, free medical services and all you desire in life without you paying for anything, you are indeed wealthy.

When your name and reputation becomes more valuable than your bank balance, you are indeed wealthy.

A life situation where you have to pay for every single thing you want in this world will eventually leave you broke, frustrated and limited. A rich man may struggle to own and maintain a private jet for example, but a wealthy man can have a private jet anytime he wants for free with just a phone call to one of his admirers who’s got it.

Many Nigerians toil every day to become rich, but very few understand how to become wealthy.

The key to wealth is when you decide to invest in people and not just in things. The key to wealth is when you have the best answers to people’s problems and situations. The key to wealth is when you decide to work on people and not for people.

How do I mean? Working on people is the career effort you make to improve their lives and make them better. When you lift people, promote people, coach them, offer opportunities and support their dreams, you’re working on people.

Every human being is born with a gift, a talent; an ability to solve a humanity problem. It could either be a physical challenge, emotional or psychological problem.

This capacity and passion to work on people is inborne. The day we decide either by external influence or by choice to priorities ourselves, our needs and our wants is the day we subjugate this inborne passion and miss the opportunity for wealth creation.

People who are active at meeting the needs of others, solving their problems improving them, offering them opportunities and chances for jobs, for businesses, for growth, improvement and riches, are the wealthiest people on earth.

The world celebrates them hence, they’re called celebrities. They’re mostly talked about, and the media makes them famous, hence people that matter know them and would do favors for them.

A celebrity is not just an entertainer. You can become a celebrity in any field or vocation by becoming outstanding, excellent, popular and phenomenal.

Many politicians, enterprise owners, religious leaders, doctors, engineers, lawyers, hoteliers, fashion icons, models, sports people, IT experts and even military personnel have become celebrities through outstanding performances, audacity to be themselves, manifesting their uniqueness and creativity, and giving others growth and improvement opportunities.

To be honest, doing this will be difficult when you’re servicing someone else’s vision by being employed by them perpetually, all lifelong. Your own glory, manifestation and influence can only be fully expressed in your own place where you can fully unleash your own unique God given abilities.

Your ability to do this excellently is connected to you doing what you’re designed and meant to do in this life, not chasing after financial reward in vocation or career you don’t naturally fit into all lifelong.

Dear friend, if you don’t want to end up with an average life experience, it’s time you review your journey through this life. At this time of the year, it is wisdom to consider how far you have come, where you’re headed and where you really should be headed. Make wise decisions and be willing to pay the price of time, effort and discipline to pursue your God given unique dreams. Don’t just go through this life, make your life count, don’t chase material possessions that usually fades with time, invest in your dreams; invest in yourself, don’t sneak through life, decide to make your life great.

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  1. Oladoyin says:

    Thank you very much for your daily motivations, it has indeed change my life, thinking and the way I see life generally, hope to hear more, thank you very much sir
    More grace and strength to carry on I pray for you sir and I hope to see you one day sir.

  2. Olanrewaju Timothy Lere says:

    Honestly, Mr Muyiwa, I want to express my profound appreciation to you for being a blessing to my life. You are man of superlative wisdom and singular courage. Keep it up sir and God bless you as well.

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