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Many of us today lack very many lovely things we want and desire in this life because we sincerely don’t know how to access, apprehend, obtain and retain these things.

We are mostly enticed and carried away by the thrill, excitement and fun of possessing these things, we really don’t pay attention to what we really need to do to effectively acquire and manage successfully.

Many of us want good jobs, but we don’t really know how to get good jobs. Many want rapid promotion at work but don’t know how to really achieve it. Many want to succeed and grow well in business but don’t really know how to make it happen. Many also want to succeed in relationships, in marriages but don’t know how to go about these successes. Many of us want to become rich legitimately but we really don’t know how to do it, we don’t know how to become honestly rich.

When we want all these but can’t come achieve them easily we become discouraged, disgruntled and unhappy. Sometimes we become upset and sensitive considering all the efforts made to no avail, and we begin to react in improper ways towards everyone and everything.

We sometimes become jealous and envious of other people whom have accomplished that which we’ve pursued desperately but failed. And sometimes it degenerates to the point of undue criticism, verbal attacks, extortion, blackmail and even physical abuse on those who already have what we want desperately.

Dear friend, look around you today and begin to think of all that you want and desire but don’t have yet. Think with me this morning of all the people who already have that which you’re chasing. Yes, it’s possible to have great wealth without theft in this country still, so to conclude everyone doing better than you and acquiring the things you lack is are criminals or a crooks is self-deceit. You’re perhaps holding on to such belief and thinking to console yourself.

Dear friend, it is very possible to have all the good and great things you want in this country legitimately if you know how. Many of us don’t really know how to get what we want hence the reason for our anger, discouragement and frustration.

You see, many think and believe knowledge about something will naturally give you the edge to obtain it. Many believe if you know how things run or work, you can accomplish all that’s tied to it. Yes, knowledge is good and important, but knowledge many times is not enough.                                       For Audio Version Click here

It is possible to know how something works but lack the capacity to make it work. It is possible to know how something runs and not be able to run it successfully.

For example, it is very easy to learn the principles of riding a bicycle. Anyone can be told how to ride a bicycle. Even from observing a rider for a while, it is easy to know how it’s done. But knowing this does not mean you can ride one. Beyond knowledge, you need to practice to develop the capacity to ride one. Having the knowledge is the first thing, applying the knowledge, correctly, effectively and efficiently is what produces results.

Many of us have knowledge of things but not mastery. Everything in life has a mystery and a secret that can only be accessed and tamed through practice, practice, practice and practice.

You see, everything in the physical has its source in the spiritual. The visible is controlled by the invisible. The visible things are formed by the invisible. All that is formed can diminish to the invisible levels of protons, neutrons and electrons.

The power of the physical is domicile in the invisible world. If you truly want to win with something, achieve something, accomplish something or master something. Knowledge is not enough, you must practice regularly and frequently to the point where the mastery of what you want is beyond head knowledge, it should sink to your subconscious and unconscious state for you to be able to attract value with and from it. The invisible you, must dominate the invisible it for mastery to show forth.

The best of anyone at anything is an outcome of practice and mastery not just knowledge.  Knowledge is easy, mastery is where the real work is.

The problem most of us confront today is the pursuit of things we are yet to master. You can be a mechanical engineer or an auto mechanic and still not know how to drive a car if all you have is knowledge and not mastery.

Winning with, and at anything requires not just knowledge but emotional and intelligence quotient. Your psychological capacity for apprehending, obtaining, retaining, and maintaining anything is developed at the place of practice for mastery. All world champions beyond knowledge carry out regular, intense practice. The world yields and bows to you at the point of practice and mastery, not just awareness and knowledge.

It is impossible for you to perform well at anything you have not become. To become anything, you must transform first. To become a world champion, your being must be a world champion first.

This means if you chase anything you lack the capacity to obtain, you will always fail to obtain it. Before you can perform, you must transform. Before you can drive a car, you must become a driver, not just know about driving. Before you can fly a plane, you must become a pilot – thousands of hours of practice. Knowing how to fly a plane does not automatically make you a pilot, you must practice to transform into a pilot, you must obtain mastery in flying to become a pilot.

Many of us want things we have not transformed well enough to obtain. To become rich, you must become a millionaire first in your knowledge, thinking, emotions, intelligence and capacity to make and manage money. An emotional spender can never become rich.

Many public successes are predicated on several private failures. If you don’t win behind closed doors, you cannot win in an open arena.

Many of us keep working very hard on things without working hard enough on ourselves.

For everything you want, the hard work must begin with you transforming to be it first.

Things don’t come your way because you know about it, things come your way because you’ve mastered it through practice hence have the emotional and psychological aptitude to obtain, retain and maintain.

Don’t just desire something, work hard to be and manifest it first and it will automatically come to you. Your hard work must be on your person, your character, capacity and mastery first, then that which you want will come pretty easily to you. To succeed in business you must be a business man. Practice, practice, and practice, master the art, become clever at it, know the tricks and decode the mysteries. The difference between the excellent, the good, the average and poor is not just knowledge but mastery. Dear friend, before you work on things, work on you first. You must transform, to perform. Knowledge is not enough, practice and master things then you’ll perform.

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    The understanding of the system is what makes things work. Thanks for understanding the Nigeria system and giving Nigerians what the system requir0es to make us successful .Thks once more, keep on the good work!!!

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    Great, motivational yet inspirational speach. Many thanks for a well thought-out speach.

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