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I know it is impossible to have everything perfect perpetually in life but how would you rate the quality of your life right now? At this age, at this time, how far have you come in comparison with the dreams, hope and expectations you once upon a time had?

Are you close to the dreams, are you living it, have you exceeded expectations or you appear derailed? Are you still in control of your life or you’ve totally lost control?

The power and control of your tomorrow lies where and with who?

Have you made some mistakes and it appears impossible to bounce back, retrace your steps or correct the error? Are you entrapped in people, situations, jobs, marriages, and friendships that have kept you low, down and incapacitated?

Have you experienced disappointments, betrayals, failures and embarrassments and consequently given up on that dream, that vision and ambition?

Are you living in fear, insecurity, doubt and anxiety – unsure of what tomorrow holds?

Are you at that point where you think if no one helps you, if no one intervenes if there is no miracle, it’s all over for you?

Are you struggling financially, can’t meet up with your bills, you’re in between jobs, have never been employed, highly indebted, can’t provide enough for your family, making back to back losses in business, and everything appears to be nose-diving and you’re just helpless?

Are you pained and you believe under a different circumstance, a different environment, in a different country, things wouldn’t be this bad for you?

Have you become very bitter, angry and disappointed and day after day you complain, lament and invest so much time in criticising everyone you believe is responsible for your troubles and challenges?                                                                                                     For Audio Version Click here

It may feel good blaming everyone and everything, and you may find temporary emotional relief venting and even cursing, but would this attitude and disposition help your situation, secure your future, improve your finances, improve your life quality and address your fear factors?

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe it is time you accept life exactly how it is and not as you wish it to be. Listen to me, life is unfair to all, it has always been that way and it will continue to be that way. One man’s loss is always another man’s gain in life. Therefore, arise from your low esteem and self-justification, start thinking good, productive, progressive and constructive thoughts.

What is most important is having answers and victory over your personal problems and challenges despite the environmental realities and whoever messed you up in time past. If there be some people making money and growing great legitimately in today’s Nigeria, then you also have what it takes to do very well.

Frankly speaking, poverty or lack is not a problem, it is actually a result; it is a consequence of not doing the right things, the right way, in such a way that will bring more than enough income. People are poor because they are unwilling to learn what the rich learned and sacrifice what the rich sacrificed that made the rich, rich. I’m talking about legitimate wealth without sorrow here, not rituals or ill-gotten wealth.

Most of us want to do what we like, as we like it, when we like it, the way we like it and cling on to what we are used to and expect to have all certain kind of results we haven’t worked for. We have expectations based on our own opinion, not the correct thoughts, action, and sacrifices.

Every time you’ve used the word “I can’t” what you’re actually saying is, “I don’t want to”. Dear friend, there is nothing you can’t do if you’re willing. If other human beings like you can do it, you can learn to do it. If you have the will and capacity and determination to learn, you can do anything – all you need is that will and commitment till you succeed.

Becoming successful is not about doing what you like, what is convenient or easy, it’s about learning what you need to learn and doing what you need to do to achieve good success within legal frameworks.

A financial surplus occurs by creating something or becoming someone of great value everyone wants to pay you to have you. It’s about growing your value and worth greatly.

But you must, of course, create something or become someone people really need and want, not just anything you like, if you want to succeed. People don’t just pay for good things, they pay for the best things that they need, want and can afford. Can you deliver this?

When you become valuable, when you become a solution, when your product or service becomes valuable, you must subsequently learn to sell it effectively to people who need it for cash to flow in your direction.

If you hate sales, can’t sell and won’t sell, please don’t expect to be rich all lifelong. Every rich person with a financial surplus and control over their financial future is a fantastic salesperson. The secret of being rich while you’re young and remaining rich at old age is in your ability to sell successfully. First, you must sell your product, services, talent, ability and capacity while you’re young then, your intellect, experience and personal brand at old age.

A friend shared with me last week a sad experience of a colleague who retired from one of the leading oil firms in Nigeria and died after three years. He was paid hundreds of millions as retirement benefits and within 24 months he lost most of the money to bad business and investment decisions, and also the desperation to sustain the high quality lifestyle he was used to while in paid employment.

He lacked the ability to sell his experience, his skills and his personality post-retirement, hence couldn’t attract needed cash at retirement. The retirement benefit he depended upon depleted very quickly; he died of high blood pressure, he was a little over 60.

Dear friend, it’s time to let go of the anger, pain, disappointment, animosity and grudge against your perceived enemies of progress. Love yourself enough to activate a full life. Make that needed decisions for financial prosperity and wealth creation, through relevant education, creativity, hard work, determination, resilience and commitment. Don’t drink away your fears or sorrows and don’t hide it under the guise of religion. Stop escaping into excessive entertainment, gossip, clubbing, partying, immorality, empty gist, excess work or social media. Arise and confront your fears and troubles and take full responsibility for your life. Good success is achieved through obedience to principles not religiosity or hard labour, being religious without obeying success principles will frustrate you.

Wisdom, knowledge and understanding in all things are key to a life of good success. The ability to enjoy today and enjoy tomorrow spells a full life, live your life to the fullest, it’s not in doing what you like; it’s in doing what is necessary. Dear friend, seek teachers in life, seek coaches in life, not just people who talk, people with results and evidence of performance, learn the real principles that will bring your answers, enjoy your life today, irrespective of the socioeconomic climate and be rest assured of a settled tomorrow. Knowledge is the answer to every problem and trouble. Learn how to build a great life, choose the full life.

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