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I know there are some of us right now who are not excited about the year coming to a gradual end. We look over the last twelve months and have nothing major or significant to show for another full year in our life. Nothing seemed to have appreciated or improved significantly, in fact for some, things appear to be getting worse.

We look at our life in whole, our business, our career, our finances, our relationships, our health, our wellbeing, our marriages, our dreams, hopes, expectations, anticipations and progress dreams and plans appear to have all delivered less than average this year.

We juxtapose our results against efforts this year; physical efforts, emotional efforts, spiritual efforts and intellectual efforts and it appears no significant improvement was recorded despite trying so hard and giving our very best.

Many of us are not really happy. Yes, we now have accepted full responsibility for our lives, our dreams, progress and success in life. We can’t keep blaming others for our situations and results hence we’ve taken full responsibility. But it appears right now, we are becoming overwhelmed trying to keep this all up and going-on on our own. The forces against us appear to become more powerful and intimidating by the day, life appears to be against us, luck keeps running out on us, and nothing appears to be offering leverage, benefits or advantages.

For many, our occasional happiness is no longer based on good things happening to us but bad things not happening to us. Rather than celebrate progress and great achievements, we have only survival and hope to be thankful for in this season.

Yes we ought to be celebrating at this time but even the cost of celebration has become a burden and a source of worry to us. Old parents are expecting, children are expecting, spouses are expecting, some relatives are expecting, employers, employees, friends and family, social groups and even religious groups all want or need something at this time either in cash, kind, vigils, visits, attendance, sacrifice or time.

Many of us are tired, not just physically, our souls are tired. You take your time to go around the streets all you’ll find is zero joy, people are not genuinely happy, there is aggression, anger, tension  and frustration everywhere you go even from people that look comfortable.

All many want to do is fulfil the ritual of a season just like this and believe me, as much as people want this year to end, many are silently afraid of next year – not sure what it holds or portends. What will happen, what could happen, what may happen are the silent questions on the minds of many. The faith of many appears to have waxed cold, many have perhaps lost faith in major institutions, most unfortunate, the religious establishments that ought to be the last hope for the people. Recent challenging of doctrines, integrity, sincerity and honesty of religious leaders by worshippers and faithful leave little to be imagined, for many people, the trust, confidence and faith have waned.  Many see themselves as victims of all these institutions and systems but they just have to keep holding on and hanging on to their perceived saviors; perhaps the promises will come to fusion one day and materialize; despite irresponsible leadership, hence falling in love with their chains and the cunning of friendly enemies.

My dear friend, I don’t know how tired you are this morning, I don’t know how weary your soul is, but I assure you, if you will decide not to give up on yourself, your dreams, your future and possibilities, no matter how bad, tough and rough things may look like right now, you are coming through, you are coming out, you will survive and you will win.

Look, you may be down, discouraged, defenseless and dispirited, but I promise you, you are a champion. You greatness is still on your inside despite what you look like and what the situation is like on the outside, what you carry within will one day materialize showing off your great glory and inner greatness.

Yes, you may be afraid right now, but I know you’re not a coward. You will not give up despite being afraid, you will not abandon your race, journey or give up on efforts, you are wired to survive and consequently glow. Look it is natural to be afraid, it’s in fact okay to be scared, what you can’t do is to give up. You actually need the fear to keep you careful, but not to make you give up. And believe me, you don’t want to give up on the great possibilities you carry on your inside.

Look, it doesn’t matter if you believe me this morning or not, I promise you, you are not created for mediocrity, smallness and insignificance.

When God created you, he said you were very good and if he says you are very good, it is impossible for you to be anything less than very good.

His word has gone ahead in your life, it’s time to look unto the promise and follow through with effort despite what life throws at you. Dear friend, there is something you carry called potential. Potential is not something that is suddenly revealed, it is gradually revealed through time’s thick and thin.

Haven’t you realized, hasn’t it occurred to you, do you not know when you were born you’ve always carried within you the potential not just to walk but to run very fast as a human being?

But of course you didn’t begin to run on the very day you were born, why, because the glory of your ability to do a 100 meters dash starts as a potential and will materialize over time, and guess what?  it eventually did simply because you didn’t give up on that potential to run.

A one week old baby can never run, that does not mean he will never run. Greatness starts with potential. Your potential is your possibility to do or become something if you do not give up on trying.

Babies by nature don’t give up on their ability to run. As long as they see people walking and running around them, they begin to work on their potential to do likewise. Listen, life is so mean, it’s not even fair to babies, much less you an adult. Life is not kind even to a beautiful baby trying to walk. The baby in trying will fall several times, and may cry sometimes when she falls, guess what, life is indifferent and unbothered about the tears of that innocent baby, why, the baby must do the needful for the ability to run to manifest, as the potential to run does not lie with life but within the child, the child must do it. Your potential for greatness does not lie with life but within you.

Listen to me, if you can walk and run today it’s not because life was kind to you it’s because you didn’t give up in spite of the hardness of life. You kept moving despite how hard and difficult it was, you kept moving. When you saw other people move, you were inspired and encouraged and you kept moving. At a point, you couldn’t even stand straight, but hey, you didn’t give up, instead you resolved to crawl, you began to crawl, you crawled, you may not be running yet, but you crawled, you kept moving and one day, you stood up, walked, and today you can run, simply because you didn’t give up despite the opposition and challenges life threw at you as an innocent baby with potentials.

My dear friend, you career may be crawling right now, you will run next year, your business may be crawling right now, you will run next year, your finances, relationship, health, happiness, greatness and glory may all be at the stage of crawling right now, in fact you may have crawled all through this year, but listen to me, if you do not give up and you just keep moving, you will very soon get up, stand up, say no to life’s oppression and opposition, and you will begin to run.

Your business will run well, your career will run well, your marriage will run pretty, your relationship will run smooth your finances will run great, you will run healthy, You will defeat life’s every opposition and mitigation and you will run very fast and ahead eventually, your great potential shall manifest great glory next year!

And let me tell you this, to him who is not just satisfied with running next year, if you keep on keeping on, not only will you run, you will fly next year. Your business, your career, your relationships, marriage, health and money will go beyond running to developing great wings and flying to the top of your greatest glory above the skies of limitation, shame, stagnation, darkness, poverty and oppression, you will fly.

If you didn’t give up on your potential to stand, and walk and run as a little child, you can’t give up on your potential to succeed as an adult despite all life chooses to throw at you.

You’ve got potentials, don’t be discouraged, be determined, don’t be downcast, dispirited or defeated in your soul, you will excel, you will succeed, you will overcome, you will fly! You’ve got greatness potential on your inside, ignore the realities of today, be inspired by the possibilities of your tomorrow and my dear friend, I challenge you this morning, it is time to fly. Don’t give up, get inspired!

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  1. Odefunso Abraham says:

    Today is more like a prophecy,
    More Knowledge to you.
    Thanks much Sir

  2. abdulaziz yesufu says:

    Wonderful and attention catching words

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