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I’ve been doing some reading lately on the history of Nigeria. The history of the kingdoms, the empires, the amalgamation the colonial era, pre independence agitation and campaign, post-independence developments, the civil war, the coups, the democratic eras; 1st,2 and 3rd republic and its simply mind blowing the sheer number of players involved in the politics and management of Nigeria in the last sixty years. And you know what was more intriguing?  A very high number of them are dead and gone today.

They were born, just like you and I, they studied hard, worked hard, rose to prominence, did the best they could, and they ended up been cut off in their prime or eventually died of old age. They entered and exited.

But think with me this morning, all their activities, agitations, sacrifices and desperation has not actually ruled out or totally annulled inefficiencies, crisis, corruption, backwardness, greed, underdevelopment, division, nepotism, poverty and lack in Nigeria. In fact, many older people refer to past era as the good old days. They believe things were much better and the society saner.

Look around the world and consider the history of many nations. Consider their history and you’ll see how many people sacrificed everything including their very own lives for a better nation and today, it seems their sacrifices and efforts have all being in vain.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is the reality of life and the world we live in. People come and people go, generations come and generations go but nations and institutions will definitely remain. Now every good deed by a preceding generation can be undone by a successor generation and every bad deed by a predecessor generation can be undone by a successor generation.  Hence the more the world appears to change, the more it really remains the same especially in matters of values, policies, interaction, relationships and social order.

The poor we’ll always have in the land. Deprivation, oppression, injustice, corruption, abuse, intimidation and wickedness has nothing to do with era or seasons but with people. There will always be good people and bad people in this world at every point in time, past, present and future. The people, not the era determines the experience of a nation.

My dear friend, hear this breaking news, you cannot fix the world, you cannot fix nations you can’t even fix people; you don’t have the power. You can only influence things in your time and season for good or for bad and when your time is over, it is permanently over, you will only be remembered for what you did or did not do either good or bad.

This being the reality, I think your approach to how you live your life should become smarter. You should be more passionately concerned about changing yourself to influence your generation than changing other people or the world. What only matters when you’re gone is how you as an individual influenced things in your time and season. And it takes you, becoming a person of influence through personal growth and transformation, to make a significant impact in your generation.

Truth is, yes we all live in this world today but 99% of us will no longer be here in 100 years from today. We shall all be gone; leaving Nigeria in the hands of a generation that are not yet born. In that new generation, they will also have their good, their bad and their ugly people and sides, you my friend will lack the power to do anything about Nigeria then, your season is permanently over. Sir Ahmadu Bello, Awolowo and Nnamdi Azikwe can’t do nothing about today’s Nigeria. Their time is over!

My counsel this morning hence, is to be realistic about the truth that you are not going to be here forever. There are many of us today with 2019 elections on our minds and we may not even be around to witness it. I don’t mean to scare you, it’s just a matter of fact.

Hence it is not smart to build your life and dreams and hope on when someone will fix Nigeria before you start doing anything meaningful. Listen, this is your life! Your life is not domicile in the future, in fact it is not in next year, your life is already running now, your time is running, your race is on, times, conditions, situations being favorable or not does not matter, your life is on! you can’t pause it, you can’t rewind it, you can’t replay it, it is running already and everyday gone by is gone forever, never to be recovered.

Dear friend, stop planning your life on hope of a better situation, condition or time, it may never come. Do what you must do today. Every day as you sleep and wake up, you’re loosing advantages and opportunities you do not take.

Every day you do nothing, you’re losing the advantage of time, energy, age, power, growth, impact, knowledge and early start.

Imagine you started a business at 25, when you turn 65 you’d have grown it for forty years, imagine starting the same business at 55, at 65 it will just be 10 years old.

Stop waiting for everything to be perfect and all things aligning in your favour before you do something, perfect situation is an illusion, it will never happen. Success is achieved when you intelligently do what you need to do no matter the condition or situation.

Waiting for a perfect time will waste your time, waste your life, your energy, opportunities and power to influence the world. And guess what? a perfect time today does not guarantee a perfect perpetual life of business, career or even dreams. There will still be up and down seasons even after you’re lucky to have started at a so called perfect time, so what’s the fuss? Come on friend, get real. You only have this one life, wake up and smell the coffee, you’re aging every day, you’re even older now than you were when you woke up this morning.

Whatever you need to do, you want to do, or meant to do, do it now! There is no promise or guarantee of tomorrow to any living soul.

Don’t allow fear, discouragement, convenience, visionless cohorts deprive you of a great and significant life.

When you were conceived in your mother’s womb you were on your marks, after nine months, you got set, immediately you were born, your race begun.

My dear friend, your race is on, the stop watch aren’t stopping; it’s counting and will keep counting. Weather you’re running, stopping, going backwards, chilling, lamenting, complaining or waiting. it does not matter, the stop watch over your life is not waiting, not stopping and not faulty.  When your duration is over, your race is done.

Dear friend, choose to start and keep running today, be determined to breast that tape of good success. It may be raining, sunny, stormy, dark or gloomy, you better don’t stop running.

Give your life a chance to matter. Give your dreams a chance to live, give your potentials the opportunity for manifestation, let all your gifts and talents be a blessing to the world in your time. Stop holding other people, other institutions and life responsible for your race. It is your race; your race!

I believe at times it’s wise to review one’s life and obtain wisdom. If you started your dream business at age 25 for example, how big would it have become today? That perfect time you’ve been waiting for, for 15 to 20 years has it materialized yet, will it ever materialize? If you choose to activate and start work on your dreams today wouldn’t you naturally have the advantage of time and energy?

Dear friend, that your comfort zone is a dangerous trap, be wise about how you see it. Learn from all those who used to be in that zone many years before you, where are they today? Dear friend, don’t wait for a perfect time, there is no such thing. Activate your dreams and true life today, you’re running out on time, do something about yourself now, instead of spending time and energy judging, criticizing, condemning, embarrassing and holding others responsible for your inertia, attachment to comfort, lack of will and courage, do something about yourself now. Activate your real life today.

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  1. Samuel A. Ogu says:

    Thank you for this inspiring piece….
    Waiting for a perfect time, that perfect time will not come until we make it happened. Opportunity will meet preparation.

  2. Alphonsus says:

    I find the piece interesting and useful for business development in Nigeria.

  3. Daniel Dickson-Okezie says:

    Thanks for this wonderful piece, Muyiwa. Your words are always a great service to humanity.

  4. K Abdullai says:

    Good morning please tell me what to do to start a business with no money and no opportunities to latch on

  5. Misan Megho says:

    Good day Sir, I’m Misan Megho, I sent a mail to info@ Frontier consulting but I don’t received reply, please I’m still waiting for reply. Thanks

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