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Perhaps you’re considering the times and the date and the season of the year and you’re not very happy or satisfied with your outcomes, result and performance this year.

You had hoped for something better, more valuable, more rewarding and satisfying this year but incidentally, things aren’t adding up right now. How did these months just fly by and all wishes, dreams, anticipations and plans coupled with effort and hard work consequently has, but little or nothing to show or reward in terms of results or evidence of investment, you may think?

You perhaps had some new ideas, fresh dreams and hopes set for this year, and now you review your list and discover nothing much has changed compared to last year.

For some of us, it’s just been another year of routine – Go to work every weekday, do all you can and return home, month end get paid, pay your bills, sort your needs and that’s it. It’s been a flat year of no major achievement, accomplishment or transformation. We are perhaps tempted to blame it on the environment, our employers, a boss or someone who disappointed us.

As usual they didn’t provide a 100% enabling environment and opportunity for us to have it pretty easy this year again.

You see, I noticed, some of us, all year long had daily hunger for news; bad news, annoying news, irritating news and shocking news about poor governance, leadership errors, administrative gaps and ineptitude, consequently, we hardly had space in our minds for other vital intellectual functions like learning, creativity, mastery, planning and developing a working vision for our lives.

Some woke up daily seeking the latest negative news, so as to commit much of a whole day to commenting, lamenting, cursing, criticizing, arguing and debating these developments with absolute strangers on social media.                                                                                                                                            For Audio Version Click here

For some of us, most of this year we appointed ourselves as monitoring spirits for entertainment and political celebrities. We paid excess attention to the details of their lives, we get excited when there’s bad news about them.  Who’s getting divorced, who’s getting dumped, and who’s getting hitched?

Who is being disgraced, who’s cheating, and who’s still single at forty? Who can afford designer wears and who’s flaunting the fake? Believe me, some of us spent almost half of this year on social media monitoring the lives of other people forging ahead and delivering great results in their own lives.

We sought to know what they’re doing and how perhaps they’re about to go down or rise higher in life. Most of this year, we invested time monitoring others, hence we didn’t pay quality attention to our own lives.

For some of us also, all we followed was the fashion trend, the latest trend – how it’s worn, who wore it better, how can we have it, own it and wear as well. Slay queen, pepper them gang, selfie uploads, shots of nice food, new dresses, fresh makeup in beautiful hotels, at events, in lovely houses, neighborhoods and even restrooms became addictive. Social media became our life, we spent most of this year, trying to portray a lifestyle we do not in reality have.

For some others, especially the gentlemen, it’s all about sports. The games, the players, the transfers, the intrigues, the news and the unexpected defeats. Many football fans in Nigeria today are no longer loyal to clubs but to their bets. Over a billion naira daily expended by Nigerians on betting is an indication of the spike of this betting trend. We perhaps suspended the gift and capacity for creativity and enterprise in our minds to build our financial possibilities on luck.

My dear friends, you may not realize but if you deliberately and consciously think about your days and time so far this year, it would amaze you how much of your daily hours you spend on social media indulging in matters and issues that are absolutely not your business and time wasting.

As fancy and as useful as social media has become nowadays, the downside is, you have unrestricted access to entertainment and distractions everywhere and anytime. You spend hours watching short videos, reading updates, trending posts, breaking news, plenty comments, responding to comments and engaging in social media battles on religious, political or social views, other people’s submissions and intense criticism.

If you’ll be honest, you may just realize you perhaps spent as much as 5 hours every day on social media. If you sum up all the 5 minutes, ten minutes, thirty minutes you spend within every hour to just check and respond what’s trending, it’ll shock you how much time you spent on aggregate.

Many of us have become addicts of social media to the extent that if we don’t check updates or our chat rooms every fifteen minutes or so, we feel left out and uncomfortable.

You device has become your controller. What’s worse, you’re perhaps not even indulging in productive activates on these devices.

Ladies and gentlemen, of course it is good to socialize, know what’s trending, catch up with gist and interact with others on line but beyond all these, social media is such a powerful tool for personal transformation, development, productive networking and wealth creation.

Think about your plenty hours on social media this year; how much has it returned to you in personal growth, personal development or even cash reward?

Some of us became self-appointed cyber bullies. We spent hours attacking others, harassing others, abusing others, cursing others and disrespecting people we lack the courage or confidence to confront in real life thanks to social media but the question is, what have you gained from it all this year?

How much growth have you recorded personally this year? How much improvement can you boast of in your thinking, knowledge, intelligence and craft? How more valuable have you become?

How many hours did you invest on social media learning more about your profession, your craft and skills? How many hours did you invest, learning from mentors, joining online personal improvement training programs and groups, studying works of experts in your field and becoming a better employee or entrepreneur?

Truth be told, social media has completely changes the way we live, interact and socialize these days, but you should use it to your advantage and not detriment. If you’re looking for bad news, frustrating news, depressing gist and all that is not working in this country and this life, you will find more than enough news, information, updates, witnesses and supporters on these social media.

If however you’re looking for inspiration, motivation, encouragement, answers, solutions, connection, network and possibilities for major success and great achievements, you will also find such in excess on social media.

Your mindset, however, predisposes you to the kind of information you will go searching for on social media. Someone who’s vain, a critic, envious, negative, greedy, materialistic, shallow, childish, controversial and mentally improvised will most likely seek for social media content type different from what someone who is ambitious, intelligent, focused, mature, independent, hardworking and committed to dreams will seek.

So the year is almost at end my friend, can we attempt to carry out your personal performance review? How well have you done this year? What did you do with most of your time, hours, opportunities, connections, friendships and data?

What useful thing did you learn, what did you do that improved you, who did you meet that enhanced you, who are your new associates that are encouraging and motivating you towards your dreams and vision in life? What books did you read that renewed your mind, what new habits did you learn that improved your work or business performance? How did you change and become better this year?

How did you spend your money this year, on assets or liabilities? Did you invest much in intellectual assets or you spent more of your income indulging fleshy cravings, pleasure, leisure and fun?

Did you spend your money on studies and studying to make yourself approved as a workman that cannot be ashamed but excellent at what he does? Or you settled for trying to purchase divine intervention, sudden miracles and the gift of God with money from religious commercial centers? Hmm

Dear friend, not as you are. You can’t go into next year as you are, you can be much better. It’s time to let go of all blames, sentiments, self-deceit, cheap choices and easy ways out.

Your success and glory next year is not around you but within you. It’s in what only you choose to chase, know and do.  This year is gone, you have the gift of a brand new year by God’s grace, don’t mess it up. Next year, choose to do the right and wise things and definitely, you’ll get the right results.

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  1. Where is the audio link ooo. i listen to it on radio this mawnin for the first tym… its wawwww. i need to listen to it again. please share the audio link nowwwwwwww!!!

  2. osaretin says:

    Thanks again and again. Our greatness in life lies within us and not without

  3. David says:

    Thanks a lot for all the inspirational advises. They have guided me so far…may God continue to bless you Sir. You may not have an idea about how much your talks have done to my life and in bringing me to where I am today…

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