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It was the last day of his SSCE examinations. Agric science wasn’t particularly his thing, but surprisingly the paper was quite easy. He had mixed feelings as he said his goodbyes and farewell to his classmates and friends of six years. All six years of secondary school now over. The thrill, excitement and anticipation of the last day of school now here, live. So this is it? Secondary school done and dusted.

He didn’t wait much longer after his paper before heading home, he had so much to do. As he began to walk hurriedly towards his home, it began to drizzle again, typical of Calabar the place of his birth, the ever refreshing whiff of nature, greenery and many rivers and creeks of cross river has become something he’s gotten accustomed to.

And as the rain began to pour and rain water splashed across his face, he beamed with a broad smile wondering how he would cope with a different weather eventually when he arrives London in a couple of weeks. The plan and next move is to further his education at a university in the United Kingdom. Though excited his university education would be in the UK, his passion for Nigeria and love for his home country made him resolve to return as soon as he is done with schooling abroad.

As he walked past the eastern Naval Command headquarters in Calabar, he looked in the direction of the institution and was grateful for the day he ran into a very friendly Naval officer, who encouraged him to go overseas to study computer science in a superior academic environment, as computer is the next big thing to hit everyone the world all over.

Paul subsequently travelled to the UK and studied information systems and management at the London school of economics. When he was done, he went further for an MBA at Manchester Business School.

As soon as he was done schooling, he hurriedly returned to Nigeria, his self-esteem, self-worth and pride as an African wouldn’t let him remain overseas as an immigrant, working hard to develop another man’s country all because of money? Not him, he thought.

He returned to Nigeria with a decision and passion to help use the internet transform the local business environment – helping companies grow their businesses through creative digital advertising.

With zeal, passion and determination, he started his firm in 2008 with so much expectations, high hopes and anticipations of great success. He had confidence in what he had to offer and was sure the market and customers would receive him with open arms and embrace his offer.

To his disappointment and surprise, no one seemed interested in what he had to sell. He suffered so much rejection in many places, he was mocked, deceived, disrespected and criticised in many places too numerous to count, doors were slammed in his face back to back. No one wanted to buy what he had to sell.

Consequently he became very broke and discouraged. A graduate with masters from the UK without a job, a business or regular income. The frustration was so intense that at times he considered returning to the UK and picking up a good job, but he was too committed to Nigeria, he would not be numbered amongst the willing slaves in the UK, first they came for our strength in the name of slavery, now we’re willingly offering them our brains again at the expense of our own country! No, he wouldn’t join them, he would remain here to develop Nigeria.

One day, walking around the streets of Ikoyi, a highbrow area in Lagos to nowhere in particular; just for inspiration and lack of anything important to do, he stumbled on a mother care mini outlet. A still small voice within asked him to go in and speak to the management.

Mama K, the mother care store operated with sales agents and generated the sum of 160,000 naira every month. Paul offered his world class digital marketing option to them and they were willing to pay just forty thousand naira a month, he agreed, hence a deal was struck. 1st degree in the UK, Master from the UK, forty thousand naira a month? He agreed!

Guess what, in 3 months Paul generated for this small mother care store a whooping sum of 100,000 dollars, his big break had come, at just 28 years old, his breakthrough showed up!

With his success with this small business, he then incorporated a company called integrated digital services. This company today is the first Nigerian company to become a certified google adwords partner, today Paul has very many international brands and multinational companies as clients.

Fast forward, Today, Pauls company operates in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya and its worth at least 6 million dollars. Paul is 37 years old. He’s made it big, Paul is big at last, No corruption, no stealing, no scamming, in this same Nigerian, under the same governments! Pure grinding, hustle, hard work, persistence, commitment and never say die spirit!

Dear friends, though names and locations have been altered a bit to protect the real identity of this person, this is a true story of how commitment, passion, zeal and resilience can eventually bring your breakthrough in Nigeria.

Right now things may be looking pretty difficult for you. You may have tried all you can and nothing appears to be going as planned, you’re discouraged, perplexed, overwhelmed and you feel like giving up. You are so frustrated and you’re taking things out on everyone – blaming your background, your upbringing, the system, the leaders and the environment for all your challenges. Let me tell you this, the success you carry is within you, and not really around you, if you can just hold on and hang in there a little bit much longer, your break through will show up one day.

All that seems impossible shall become suddenly possible. You will suddenly begin to see prospects, potentials, possibilities and real prosperity. Just hold on a little bit longer, do not give up, do not retreat, do not surrender, you can’t turn back now, you’ve come too far with your dreams, desire, aspirations and sacrifice to give it all up.

Paul suffered so hard, hungry and penniless while in desperate pursuit of his dreams, he had the option to relocate but refused to be derailed,  but today he’s worth over 6 million dollars at age 37, if it happened for Paul in Nigeria, it will happen for you in Nigeria.

In language the opposite of success is failure, but in the world of hustle and greatness a necessary part of success is failure. Don’t be discouraged when you fail, don’t give up when things seem rough, everything is for a purpose and a season, no matter how daunting, dreadful and discouraging, dark seasons  will always come to pass, you won’t remain in pain, poverty, panic and perturb perpetually, no you won’t.

Your dark scary night is giving way to a bright new dawn, your good news is about to break. You may have laid in bed night after night unable to sleep shedding a tear after another, but that season will soon be gone, your happy days are here, not anywhere far, but right here in Nigeria, someone is about to call you up, your phone will bring you good news very soon, you’ll receive an email that’ll change your story for good forever, an encounter will occur soon, somewhere with someone, and your dreams will come through. Don’t give up on hard work, integrity, honesty, faithfulness and faith.

Keep on believing, stay put with your conviction, stay focused on your great expectations, don’t you dare waver, falter or hesitate, just keep believing and working hard.

You can re-strategize to become more relevant, effective and viable, but never give up.

Dear friend, keep on keeping on, keep grinding, keep moving keep going, your own break through is just around the corner. It is coming!

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