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Many today have no deliberate grip or control over their lives. Many don’t even understand the “how” of being in charge of their own lives. Many have never experienced a season when they are absolutely in charge of themselves. Many more have given up the possibility of being in charge of their own decisions, directions and destination in life.

Dear friend, your life is expressed and measured based on time. As the clock keeps ticking, your life keeps running and gradually ebbing away.

To be in charge of your life, is to be in charge of your time. To be in charge of your time is having the power to determine and chose what you do at every point in time in your life.

A situation where no one but you determines what you want to do with every day and every hour is really being in charge and control of your life.

As a child or a teenager when you still needed to be taught and guided by your parents and/or caregivers, yes its appropriate you submit to them even when you disagree with some of their rules and instructions, but immediately you attain adulthood, wherein you can now make your decisions and choices, your number one struggle should be to liberate yourself from every other force or system that has the power to limit you, restrict you, contain you and control you.

I’m not advocating rebellion or lack of submission, no, what I’m promoting this morning is the need to apprehend the power to make your own decisions, your power to choose and be free from controlling forces.

A life where other people and other things determine what you do, how you do it, how you live, where you live and how far you can go per time is a life out of your own control.

Think with me this morning and imagine a life where you choose when to wake up, when to leave your home, what you want to do, how you want to do it, with whom you want to do it.

Imagine a life where you really need just your own permission to go to work or stay home with your family, go on vacation or remain at work, a life where you choose what to do at 6am, 10am, 2pm, 4pm and 8pm. A life where you need no one’s permission to attend to a sick child, be at your children’s price giving day, sports day and other school activities. A life where you’re free to prioritise different areas of your life as you please.

Imagine a life, wholly dedicated to the pursuit of that vision, that dream that adventure that thrills you, excites you and make you really happy.

Imagine a life where you’re doing exactly what you love, what you enjoy and there are no boundaries, restrictions and limitations to how far you want to go, how creative you want to be and where no one panelises you for daring to take risks and making mistakes.

Imagine a life where what you do with so much pleasure and satisfaction is what generates your income. Imagine a life where your daily fun, excitement and adventure is what pays your bills and you still have excess.

Imagine a life where your income is determined by how much you’re willing to do, how far you’re willing to go and how much you wish to make. Imagine a life where no one fixes or regulates your income. Imagine a life where you can be earning in thousands today and in a couple of months you’re earning in millions.

Imagine a life where your life standard is not according to any hierarchy or ques or determine in turns. A life where you need not wait for a superior to get promoted or get fired for you to have an opportunity to up your position, income and lifestyle.

Imagine a life where the power to purchase that dream car, the dream house, the dream lifestyle is not in the hands of another person or institution. A life where you can buy that dream car when you choose, build the dream house when you choose and put your kids in the schools you want not the schools the amount you’re paid can afford.

Imagine a life where how your everyday unfolds is based on your choices and decisions. Imagine a life of true freedom to become who you truly want to become in life.

Imagine a life where you’re not carried along or carried away by trends, but you choose and determine your own trends, you determine your timing and seasons and enjoy all you want when you want it, how you want it and with whom you want it.

I have this question for you my friend, if you are absolutely in charge of your own life and time, will you be where you are right now, doing what you’re doing right now and going to where you’re going today? Think about it, if your answer is yes, I’m very happy for you but if otherwise, today’s message is for you.

You see many of us today have given up completely our unique, personal, individual and ordained life and dream for what is general and common.

Many of us have lost respect for our individuality and uniqueness and we desperately seek acceptance and endorsement from the people in and around our lives.

Many of us are not happy today because we have allowed people we love, admire or respect or even our immediate family and community dictate to us, the kind of life we should live and the kind of career they approve of for us.

So we wake up every day living our lives to please the people in our lives, and to impress our immediate public.

Public opinion and approval have made many ashamed of what they truly would want to be and love to do in life and they are unfortunately forcing themselves on jobs and careers they hate and don’t enjoy, consequently many are not doing so well at what they do and everyone sees them as average performers and slow people; not knowing the real problem is, they are not in their real place of design and purpose in life.

What the world fails to acknowledge is, every human being is a genius if properly located at their place of calling and design in life. Failures are not average or incompetent people, they are just misplaced people in life. God is too perfect and excellent to create a faulty or less than excellent human being. When human beings fail, they are simply misplaced or misused. They are perfect tools used for the wrong purpose.

Dear friend, when you’re not free, when you’re not in charge of your life, you can’t be in charge of your happiness.

Ladies and gentlemen, your life should not be determined by trends, needs, survival or the approval of others. Your life must be driven by your purpose, vision and ambition if you truly want to succeed, find happiness and fulfilment.

Start today to begin to reawaken your dream life. How exactly do you want your life to be? Don’t allow your life to be judged and appraised by people who don’t appreciate or respect your personal passion and excitement in life. They will only discourage you and make you feel wrong, worthless and irresponsible. You don’t have to remain a doctor or a banker or stay employed in that big company if your true passion is travels, event planning; trading, entertainment, photography, fashion, preaching the gospel or caring for toddlers.

Don’t just accept what life throws at you and decide to cope, you must choose what God designed you for in this life, don’t remain weak, timid or fearful, be willing to sacrifice the good for what is best for you in life.

Please take a look at your life thus far, consider the various stages, primary, secondary, university, NYSC, employment, marriage and parenting, how many of these played out according to how you really wanted it?

How many of these stages brought you absolute pleasure and satisfaction and you didn’t have to cope or endure any stage.

How many of these stages would you have wished played out differently?

Dear friend, don’t you want an upgrade in your life?

Do you want to use your power and will to bring into your life exactly what you desire or want, or you’re willing to settle for what life offers you? The life quality of your family, the quality of your vision, your dream, the level of your happiness, your fulfilment, peace and joy, who controls it, who determines it, who is in charge of it?

Are you sacrificing an important aspect of your life for another important aspect and you think it’s a necessary sacrifice? Are you giving up family for career and you think you have no choice? You know, it’s possible to actually succeed with both family and career without sacrificing one for another if you want to.

Dear friend, its time, you acknowledge and respect your design, your purpose and your place in this world.

This is the real key to happiness, joy, fulfilment and peace at the end of your days.

Live a life of deliberate adventure, not accidental adventure. Take charge of your life.


  1. May God bless you sir for this awesome piece. I try to keep up with your daily diet of frankly speaking. Every morning.
    May God fill you with more wisdom and knowledge.

  2. oxborn says:

    Good one my mentor….really appreciate.

  3. Ibrahim Kareem says:

    Fantastic contents and hope to be able to place myself here.

  4. Otusanya Adekunbi says:

    Inspiring…. God bless your generation and mine in Jesus name

  5. Doyin Hassan says:


  6. Edetanlen Sunday says:

    Good one Sir. I am an ardent follower of your talk show on Raypower fm. Keep inspiring us.

  7. Ade says:

    Greatly inspired!

  8. Michael says:

    So inspiring, very motivating and full of life changing facts;ride on with your good work.we will meet someday.

  9. Michael Nweke says:

    Hope to see you up there someday.

  10. Truly a masterpiece, many thanks.

  11. Innocent says:

    So inspiring and enlighten base on the full necessity of life, Thanks a lot sir.

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