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As humans, we’re all products of nature and nurture. Your DNA , where you were raised,  the people that raised you and how you were raised to a very large extent determines the trajectory of the rest of your life.

Too many of us today are still suffering or enjoying the outcomes and consequences of our upbringing. As children, we were strongly impressionable. What we were told, what we experienced and the things we saw daily growing up, formed and shaped our thinking, beliefs and philosophies in life. This orientation however, keeps dictating our attitudes and of course, our attitudes determine our outcomes and results.

Many of us today just believe some things can never happen for us in life. We believe we don’t deserve some levels of success financially and positionally. We believe only some kind of people are deserving of some kind of wealth, exposure, accomplishments and positions in life. We think it is absolutely impossible for us to attain some levels, we believe we’re not entitled to some levels of wealth or accomplishments. This unfortunately is not a reality but a problem of the mind.

Many of us today, have accepted the thinking, behaviors, orientation and mindset of mediocrity, it has become impossible for us to see or relate with greater heights in life. This being so, we hold those we believe are deserving of higher levels in life responsible for us and accountable on matters that concern us.

For example, based on your upbringing, you find it impossible visualizing yourself as a multi billion Naira business owner. Based on your upbringing, you find it impossible visualizing yourself as the MD/CEO of a successful multinational. Based on your upbringing, you don’t think it’s ever possible for you to become a governor, a minister, or even the president.

Unfortunately, what you don’t believe, you can’t see, what you can’t see, you can never receive, what you do not believe, you can never pursue.

The greatest power that separates the great man from the average or regular man is the way they think. As a man thinks so is he, as a man sees himself, that’s eventually what he’ll become. Though I’ve heard this statement from several people, let me say this, changing the way you see yourself is one of the most difficult things in this life.  It goes beyond what you say. It goes beyond what you confess, it’s not even how well you can sing and dance to “I know who I am”, it’s about what your soul has accepted.

To change your thinking is not just about new knowledge or new information. It’s a reformation of your soul, which includes your mind, your will and your emotions.

Truth is a combination of these three is so powerful, that your emotions many times over rule what your mind knows and holds as true. The power of habits is stronger in your emotions; it’s basically about how you feel and how you feel determines how your body responds and what you do, and what you do is what produces your results in life not what you know, confess or sing and dance to.

So it’s possible to know in your mind, for example that the man you’re dating has a temper and can eventually become physically abusive when you get married. You’ve in fact being a victim of a slap or two whilst you’re dating, your mind knows this relationship is dangerous, but your emotions keeps you tied and attached in the dangerous affair until you develop the emotional strength and stamina to liberate yourself and remain liberated form the destructive attachment.

So it is with every aspect of your life. Knowledge is not power, activated knowledge is power. What you know can’t help you until you get emotional and automatically activate the will to do and perform, that’s when you’ll get your results.

So beyond all you know, how do you begin to experience great results in your life? Dear friend, what you perhaps need is soul rehabilitation. Your soul needs a rehab.

You have to get rid of the addiction to your nurture, you must disconnect from how you were raised and that negative upbringing. It is very possible what you know today has changed, but your behavior today will still be in tune with your nurture and your upbringing and not your new knowledge if you don’t rehabilitate your soul.

Soul rehabilitation by my definition is simply the ability to re-channel your emotions. You must cease to be emotional about where you’re coming from and become emotional about where you’re going to.  You must begin to respond and react to where you’re going rather than where you’re coming from. Your destination must take priority over your origin in the way you think and feel.

Many of us are reacting to our past, our upbringing and people we used to have and still have in our lives. We are hardly responding to our future, our growth and the people we’d rather want to be around in the future.

To become unlimited and unrestricted in life, you must empty yourself of your past and fill yourself with your future. Not just in the way you think or speak, but emotionally as well.

Don’t daily seek to prove to anyone in your past how successful you can become, desire to prove to yourself how real your dreams can become. This reformation is ignited in your emotions.

How do you achieve this? I’d tell you. You see falling in love with anyone is not automatic. Love at first sight is fantasy. To fall in love with someone doesn’t just happen, it is actually activated. You actually choose who you fall in love with either consciously or unconsciously. If love was automatic, a president’s daughter or a billionaire’s daughter will easily and desperately fall in love with a filthy beggar and a female bank MD will fall in love with stark illiterate truck pusher. This only happens in the movies. In real life compatibility issues will frustrate any funny feelings.

How do you activate being in love with anyone. It’s simply through meditation and focus. If every day you keep thinking about someone with the wish to be with that person, in a matter of days your emotions will respond to your meditations and you gradually become addicted to the person. Meditation unlocks emotions.

Whomever or whatever you want to fall in love with or get emotional about in life, start meditating on that person or that thing and in a matter of days, you’ll develop the feeling and as you keep the meditation going, the feelings would grow and become stronger.

If you want to stop being in love with or so attached to a person or a thing, to just stop thinking about it is not enough, you must begin to think and meditate on another person or another thing. You can’t stop the flow of emotions once it begins to flow you can only redirect it.

To reform your soul and create an unlimited future for yourself, to stop thinking of your past alone can’t work, you must begin to meditate on your future intensely. The heart hates vacuum. If you cease to think of your past without meditating on the future, the memories and the emotions of the past will subsequently return seven times more powerful and you’d be worse off than before. Dear friend, you can become anything you desire in this life, I promise you. Just empty yourself of the negative things that belong in your past and fill yourself with the glory and great things you expect in your future. Shift the emotions and you’d be alright. Don’t be a slave to your past, be a king of your future.


  1. oxborn says:

    so so much love this my mentor….. may God continue to increase your wisdom.

  2. Samuel Clairvoyant says:

    Thanks for this.

  3. Mathias says:

    I honestly think this particular one is for me
    God bless you sir

  4. okomama benjamin says:

    Thank you sir, another powerful insight. Wisdom at work. May it never cease.

  5. Okafor Anthony C. says:

    This topic TAKE IT OUT was targeted to me. Thanks for your good work. Please I humbly request your daily frankly speaking write up. You used to send it to my email but you stopped sending it to me for a very long time now. Those write ups you used to send to me has done me a lot of good. I greatly appreciate them and I will be very glad if you start sending it(daily frankly speaking write up) again. Thanks in anticipation.

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