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So a few days ago I was driving through the very busy highways of Lagos. Then I ran into a little bit of traffic build up and whilst moving slowly, a young, rather suspicious looking man approached my car in the traffic and tried to sell me the latest version of one of the most expensive, popular and sophisticated mobile phones in Nigeria.

The phone looked very brand new – attractive and compelling as it glittered and shone reflecting the bright sunlight of a clear afternoon sky in Lagos. As much as the phone looked very new, beautiful and attractive, I’ll definitely never buy a phone in traffic.

Somewhere in my mind, I’m sure this view apply to most of us, something must either be wrong with the phone or with the source for it to be sold in traffic. This is because a product like that – a phone of that brand, a latest version, and that price does not belong in a road traffic market. It absolutely belongs somewhere more respected, sophisticated and premium. To buy a phone like that from such a person, and at such a place like traffic is exposing oneself to a high level of senseless risk. Phones like that are not sold in places like that. The location and selling positioning for the phone is faulty even if the phone is okay and not hot.

My dear friend, frustration in business or career ambition is to have invested time, money, energy and effort developing yourself and attaining excellence at what you do but unfortunately, you’re not being paid what you’re truly worth.

Nothing frustrates like being grossly undervalued, underpaid and underpriced.

You can be hardworking, intelligent, diligent, knowledgeable, smart and productive yet be broke and struggling if the people you serve or service are unwilling to pay for what you’re truly worth.                                                                                                                                                 For Audio Version Click here

Being valuable as an employee, as a professional, as a craftsman, as a talent dealer, or a service provider may not deliver excellent returns and reward for you financially if your worth is displayed in the wrong place, to the wrong people under the wrong circumstances.

In the sale of tangible products for example, especially in supermarkets and/or shopping malls, product display on the shelves is very important to any wise salesman. Where your product is placed, the level on the shelf and even the shelf shout of the product is critical to being attractive and compelling to potential buyers.

No matter the quality or excellence of a product, if it’s not visibly displayed, if the packaging is unattractive and has mostly wrong colors, no matter what the product can do, it will be priced low or even rejected by potential buyers who otherwise sincerely need it.

In the same vein, a very attractive, high quality and excellent brand being displayed or showcased to people who really don’t appreciate its worth or can’t afford to pay for it will also slow down the sales potential and offtake of such a wonderful product. It will be an excellent product covered in dust on the shelf.

My dear friend, advertisers are not foolish and frequent advertising is not a waste of money. Generally in commerce, people don’t really buy the best products, people only buy the products they know.

No matter how great or fantastic a product is, if you’re not aware it exists, it’s impossible to exchange your hard earned cash for it. You can’t go to the market and say I want to buy a product but I don’t know what it is, you’ll sound berserk.

It takes knowing a product and being familiar with what it can do to exchange money for it. It also takes exposure to the caliber of people who can afford a good product for its sales to be impressive.

My dear friend, are you a good product? How excellent are you at what you do? How much satisfaction can a potential buyer of your services, capacity or skills enjoy from buying you? How glad are your employers when they pay for your monthly work effort at the end of a month?  Are they glad or they suffer buyer’s remorse?  Do they consider paying you good salary a waste of money?

As we end this year and welcome in a brand new one with anticipation, hope and positive expectations, what are you planning to do about your worth, value and service quality to all potential buyers of your services, skills and capacity in 2018?  What written out plans do you have on how to make yourself more useful to your employers in 2018?  Where are the obvious gaps, where are the weak areas, what are the new market or industry trends you need to catch up with? What are the new concepts, key performance expectations and growth and performance indices valuable to your employer, you plan to upgrade yourself in against next year?

You see, it is important to be very valuable and useful before you can claim that sense of entitlement to impressive financial reward in career or business.

It is absurd to expect to be paid so much by an employer, a client or customer just because you’re employed or you sell. Reward in business or employment is measured by quality of service not just participation.

However after so much effort building yourself up and becoming extremely good at what you have to offer, if you remain exposed to the wrong people the wrong buyers and at the wrong place, you will still be grossly undervalued and underpaid.

Many people have worked so hard for many years, invested time and energy developing and building capacity, gathering experience and can do so much in providing quality solutions and answers to employers, customers and client’s needs, but they are unfortunately still highly undervalued and underpaid because their exposure still remains to people and in quarters where they are not appreciated or really valued.

Every employer or buyer will definitely appreciate getting more for less. If I can get so much from you and pay you so little, I’m a sharp business man I must say. Dear friend, do you want to change your earning story in 2018, do you want to increase your figures and income level next year; don’t you think it’s time you consider your visibility plans and strategies?

Who knows you, who are the people around and in your business and career life? Where are you located? A man’s location will most definitely determine his allocation. If you are extremely good at what you do but you’re not seen or visible to those who can appreciate and pay good money for your goods and services, you’ll of course remain broke and underpaid.

If you want to upscale your financial trajectory and improve your reward henceforth, it’s time you reposition and re-project your excellence in the right place and to the right people. Don’t be an expensive, sophisticated phone but sold in traffic. You need to be in a lovely, high-class and premium sales outlet where your capacity can be trusted based on where you’re positioned and how you project yourself.

I hope you’re getting me this morning? You see, a plate of rice can be sold for 300 Naira and a plate of rice can also be sold for 6000 Naira depending on how and where it is sold. Rice is rice, but where it is sold can make it either 300 Naira or 6000 Naira. A plate of rice in a mama put can be more delicious than a plate of rice in a five star hotel, but you’ll definitely pay more at a five star hotel, why? positioning and affordability. People who will pay 6000 Naira for rice are mostly found at five-star hotels.

Dear friend, do yourself this good, stop hanging in areas and around people who cannot reward you for what you’re now truly worth, it’s time to evaluate your true worth and position appropriately for commensurate commercial value.

Stop being a local champion in a local place where you’re rewarded locally. If you know you’ve got what it takes to play international, exit the local league and go international, don’t be indifferent, laid back or comfortable in lack; it’s time to change the story of your life. You need visibility, you need people who can afford you to see you and value you and pay you. Come on, go to places and be around people with the means, connection and access to change your career destiny. It’s time to help your prayers by taking wise steps, don’t kill your faith by rejecting the works that should make it materialize. Dear friend, it’s time to be seen. Show forth yourself, it is not pride to court professional or business attention. Show off is permitted in commerce. You’re a city set upon a hill, you don’t light your lamp and put it under a covering. Let your light so shine before all and let them buy with good money that which you carry as a solution to their needs and wants. Dear friend, show yourself, be visible, earn more; become rich.

Dear friends, FRONTIERS BUSINESS ACADEMY 2018 Lagos and Abuja registration is still ongoing.  It’s time to make showcase yourself where it matters and to people that can support your dreams. Raddison blu anchorage hotel, Victoria Island in Lagos and Transcorp Hilton hotel in Abuja. Call 0706 349 6599 for registration details. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe you’ve been inspired by this show today. For more inspiring content of this talk show simply visit my website, its  Till I come your way again, same time, same station tomorrow, for another episode of your inspiring talk show, my name is Muyiwa Afolabi, please enjoy your day.

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  1. Ifeoma nwaboku says:

    Thank u sir for the write up. Sir pls can make the business seminar a webinar so that we can download it from your website , so that other Nigerian’s besides Lagos and abuja citizen can also benefit.

  2. Adeniyi Mayowa says:

    Mr Afolabi,pls I need details on how I can conveniently pay for the 2018 academy… Wat is the payment rules on ground… (installment). Mayowa

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