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Many times we look at our lives and our achievements and there’s this wide gap between our expectations and realities. We keep considering all the advice and experience as shared by many people with tangible results and we tend to apply all they say yet, we keep missing out when it comes to progress, achievements, and success.

We work so hard, read so hard, learn so many things, keep our relationships intact we know our jobs and businesses so well, everyone appears impressed with what we know, what we carry and can do but ironically, they are unwilling to trust us with so much or commit so much unto our hands. We wonder why and even they are really not clear on why they’re sceptical about entrusting us with resources and responsibilities.

Consequently, we think we’re unlucky or were hexed. We begin to seek divine intervention and think we need deliverance.

Everyone knows and can testify to the fact that were really good and hardworking, but many can’t see through the real reason for our lack or great opportunities and privileges. Can you consider this morning, perhaps the reason you’re not doing so well is because you’re disorganised. Hmmm.

Many this morning may think being disorganised is not such a big deal, it shouldn’t be powerful enough to frustrate destinies and possibilities but I tell you my friends, being disorganised can mess up the whole of your life and career dream.

A very key element in effective management is organisation. In fact it’s so important companies a referred to as organisations. Without organisation nothing works even if the capacity is there. Without organisation there can’t be results even if the ability to deliver excellent results are there. Without organisation there can’t be progress, there can’t be accomplishments, rather you’ll find chaos, crisis, waste and frustration. A disorganised, home, team, company, or nation will always fail no matter their potential. Even the whole creation is set by God in an organised fashion. Everything is in set orders, sequence and procedure.

Organisation is the formula for solutions. Without organisation, solutions can’t be birthed no matter how plenteous or handy. If solutions are not coordinated in an appropriate fashion, it will not solve the problem, in fact, it can escalate the situation.

Many of us today are not achieving anything because we are disorganised. If companies think it’s important to organise, if governments think it’s impotent to organise, if the Almighty created and applied organisation in creation, how then can you think you will succeed in life if you don’t apply the concept of being organised.

You’re talented, gifted, brilliant, intelligent, educated, hardworking yes, but you will continue to fail in life if you can’t organise your life. Dear friend, is your life organised? Are your days organised? Do you live and work in a coordinated fashion or based on wimps and gut feel. Do you have a coordinated process of living your life or just wake up every day with plans without organising them.

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I must confess I was a victim of same till lately. I plan alright but I’m quite spontaneous so a take organisation for granted then get into trouble frequently with my life.

To make clear my advocacy, think with me, let’s consider these scenarios. Its Monday morning, Mrs A, a senior manager in a well-structured and disciplined organisation has a presentation to make to her directors at 8AM. She’s been working on the document for weeks and she’s done a very good job, she’s eager to make the presentation as she’s sure it will impress her superiors. She wakes up very early that morning, 4:30am she’s awake getting ready for work, suddenly after taking her bathe she looks at her bathroom and it’s a bit dirty, she suddenly feels this compelling urge to clean it, and in fact, clean it immediately.  She concludes she was up a bit too early so she thinks she has time to do it, instead of just going ahead and heading to work, she decided to wash the bathroom immediately, thirty minutes later she’s done then suddenly discovers the time she felt she had, she’s used up washing the bathroom Now she doesn’t have any more time to spare if not she’ll run late. Then she begins to rush, she’s wasted time. She rushes to her car and on getting to the car suddenly discovers one of her tyres has gone flat and the spare is also deflated. She’s in trouble, she’s messed up her day, she did a right thing at the wrong time; squandered her time unnecessarily, so what exactly is the purpose of waking up early if the time she planned to save, she wasted on what wasn’t urgent? Do you get me?

Another analogy, Mr X, a manager in a company knows every Monday morning; 8 am is the team meeting with the boss and all stakeholders. Sunday night, his car begins to misbehave, suddenly he feels that compelling urge to fix it as soon as possible, so, he calls up his mechanic to come pick up the car the next morning; Monday morning. Halfway into the meeting with the boss and the team that Monday morning, he’s about to present his report, the mechanic arrives at the parking lot to pick up his car and then begins to call his phone. The manager keeps trying to coordinate his thoughts and answer questions correctly on his report, yet, the mechanic keeps calling his phone and sending text messages that he’s around and would leave if he doesn’t respond. The phone may be in silent mode; but this manager can see the caller ID and the text messages; he’s confused, distracted and can’t present his report excellently. He messes up. Not because he’s not a good or brilliant manager, it’s simply because he’s doing the right thing at the wrong time.

Mrs B, a mother of 4 getting ready for church on Sunday morning, woke up early enough, bathed and dressed up the children for church. Must be in church before 8 as her husband is a leader and she is a worker as well. Everyone is ready well ahead of time, the husband and children are already going to the car and Mrs B is nowhere to be found, the husband goes back into the house to check up on her where does he find her, in the kitchen, doing what? Trying to quickly fix lunch; afternoon food. Why, she figured they still have some time, so she wants to use up the time to fix lunch quickly. She assumes shell be done in 20 minutes, unfortunately, 40 minutes later she’s still there, the time she thought she had, she has wasted on non-priority and now they’re late.  The husband, a church leader, tries not to get angry because it’s Sunday morning and he must use his church mind. She’s doing the right thing at the wrong time. She is obviously a bad steward of time. Hmmm.

The number one sign you are disorganised is your lack of respect for time. Secondly, lack of discipline to control how you feel.

Being disorganised is beyond lacking in the skill; it’s a psychological state, it’s a mind and discipline thing, it’s about that strong, compelling urge to want to do something now instead of doing what is next not minding the implication or consequence on time, resources and other people.

Dear friend, you need to become organised. Being organised is when you become efficient and methodical in your processes, coordination and timing to achieve certain results.

Many people may not want to entrust you with important things because you’re not organised and guess what, they do not even know why they can’t entrust you. They do know you can do it but believe you won’t just do it well, they don’t know what your problem is yet from experience, they have concluded you can’t deliver, but can’t explain why.

Dear employee, manager, businessman, entrepreneur, salesman, husband, wife and friend, maybe the next big thing to launch you into that great season, vision and opportunity is becoming organised, don’t ignore, organise your life.

Please enjoy your day.

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