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Good Enough Reason

Many of us live very busy lives. We are actually very busy. We have so much to do that a day appears not to be enough. From dawn to dusk we are up and about doing one thing or the other, chasing one thing or the other. We can be busy with formal and serious affairs and we can also be busy at pleasurable and entertaining matters. It doesn’t really matter which one of both is keeping us occupied, we are just a crew of busy people. It’ll amaze you how someone can labour and work tirelessly towards organising a party and this same person will stay awake all night preparing for exams or a presentation or project at work. For pleasure, leisure, adventure or progress in life, most of us are very busy.

The delusion of a busy life is the assumption or suggestion that you’re working very hard in life, so you should automatically have something to show for it. Unfortunately, being busy is not the same as being productive so you can be very busy and still have nothing much to show. It’s possible to be busy but still broke, backward and regressive.

This confusion is the reason many become paranoid and begin to believe they have spiritual problems hence consult spiritualists to help them tackle the spirit of backwardness and the spirit of the snail. The reality is, many are busy, hardworking and diligent but not productive. Unfortunately, life does not truly reward hard work, life pays only for productivity. It’s what is produced – the product, that money is exchanged for, not the labour or activity.

The big question to answer is, what is the product of your busy life? What are you working hard at producing or generating that is valuable and attractive enough to command financial exchange?

Is the purpose of your labour and busy life something an employer or a customer will be willing to pay very much for?

Is the purpose of your busy life something that will make your associates value you, respect you and appreciate you the more? What in particular is the reason for your busy life? Yes, you may have reasons but are your reasons good enough and deserving of your hard work and labour? Beyond being busy, are you productive? In fact, even being productive may not be enough if what you’re producing is unattractive or of low value to people that can effectively reward you.

Many of us aren’t really making progress or moving fast enough in life because our reasons for being busy are too weak. Our reasons are mostly sentimental and gushy.

If you want to move forward quickly in life and become very successful in your prime, you must unclutter your life. You must remove and delete those things you do for weak reasons. For anything you choose to do, your reasons must be strong enough and powerful enough to generate impressive physical or psychosomatic rewards.

We are human beings, and by nature our senses can influence our decisions. Many times we decide to do somethings not because we have valuable or compelling reasons, it’s simply because we just feel like doing them.

The whole essence of needing motivation, encouragement and inspiration is for us to have that will power to say no to how we feel and say yes to what is reasonable and logical.

The things we see, the things we hear, the way we feel many times influence what we want to do because it is carnally gratifying. It feels good to do them not because it is wise or the best.

Humans by nature would rather be laid back, docile, unperturbed and just expect life to automatically make sense. Nobody by nature wants to work hard, toil or hustle, our human nature is repugnant to that. We all just want to eat, sleep, gist, socialise, have fun and get entertained. But if we follow our feelings purely, we will have nothing, accomplish nothing and live a wasted life – life will punish us if we follow how we feel exclusively.

The key to successful living is to conquer your fleshly desires, conquer your feelings and do what is necessary for you to be recognised as successful in life.

Dear friend, I believe the time is right to put your life back in superior perspective. Be honest and true to yourself, why exactly do you do all you do every day?

What is the value of that friendship, what is the value of that fellowship, what is the value of that association, what is the value of that relationship? How would they all enhance and profit you and your ambition?

For example, is there a connection or relationship between where you’re employed right now and your life ambition 10 years from today? Are you learning anything or gaining any experience that will be useful to you or your ambition after 10 years? Are you building a great career or just working for the money? What will be the value of where you work right now to what you hope to be doing some years from now?

Are you living your life based on a well set plan or strategy or just existing and living on chance? Why are you doing all you’re doing today? Dear friend, anything you commit time to without any valuable or rewarding reason could be a waste of that time and your life.

If as an adult you’re still living your life based on what is trending and what is reigning, I’m afraid you may not be going anywhere with your own personal vision. Do you even have a personal vision today?

Are you busy working on that vision? See, life is much more than that car, that house, those clothes, those accessories and bragging rights of where you’ve ravelled to, who you know, where you hang out and all you possess.

Your life is more valuable than trying to keep up with the joneses, or living to impress or desperation for approval. Your life is a treasure box, with great and valuable content, designed and purposed to solve problems, create powerful things and make this world a better place.

Your life will be sweeter, better, more peaceful and prolonged if you give it a meaning. Stop! Okay, stop competing, stop judging, stop running from pillar to post, calm down, relax, don’t just do things, have a good reason for everything you do. Even when you’re chilling and relaxing, make it count.

Many today are unhappy, distressed, frustrated and hyper sensitive because they’re disconnected from their true self. The society drives their world, it’s a tough experience.

When your world runs based on the dictates of the society, you get under pressure. You compete, you crave; you overspend, can’t delay gratification and assume everyone is leaving you behind, you forget life is an individual race and you can never get ahead of everybody in life. Someone will always be better and more successful than you in life every time. If your life runs on societal dictates you will hardly be in charge of your choices. You will see the hands of so called enemies everywhere, instead of learning, working, thinking and progressing, you’ll be distracted and deluded by so called invisible spiritual forces attacking your destiny.

Ladies and gentlemen, get a grip. Let go of your fears and insecurities, put your life in perspective. You have just this one life to live, make it count. Unclutter your life, get rid of unnecessary activities, have a valuable reason for anything you do. Valuable choices creates a valuable life. The choice is yours. Have good enough reasons for everything and every choice you make. Your life is superior to mere feelings, beyond what you see, beyond what you hear, beyond how you feel, make valuable and disciplined choices, Dear friends; subdue your flesh.


  1. Lanre Lawal says:

    Thanks for this wonderful message. Though, this isn’t the mist challenging piece I’ve read or listened to from Muyiwa Afolabi, but it may be my turning point. Talking of working hard. That’s been my lot since 2010, my year of graduation.I genuinely knew there were no career path, but because of societal acceptance, I’m still in that rat race of life. Most importantly, I kindly request a meeting with you sir, to at least begin a new life through your advice. Thanks in anticipation of your kindness.

  2. Emmanuel Wilfred says:

    God bless you and your good work, Sir.

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