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The easiest thing to do in this life is to waste your time. Time as precious as it is, is so easy to waste. Time is the most precious irrecoverable resource yet, the most wasted of human resource.

Many of us from the start of each year to the end keep going through survival routines and motions without a precise plan or action on how we can deliberate improve our worth, relevance, value, importance and impact in this life.

If being laid back or indifferent about the issues of life have no consequences, probably it would have been okay. But a decision to do nothing about key issues in your life will naturally generate very bad consequences.

For example, if you refuse to get an education you will eventually lack so much in social worth, relevance and significance. You won’t command the attention of the important and the general in this life, hardly would anyone reckon with you. If you refuse to pay attention to your spouse, you will eventually lose that spouse probably to someone else or something else and this will subsequently bring you emotional pain. If you refuse to raise and train and build your children, they will eventually bring you shame, disgrace and disappointment eventually in life.

Life is designed for you to be a natural manager, life bestows responsibilities on you naturally whether you want it or not, you don’t have a choice; you must be active, not passive in life, if not, you’ll be punished by life.

Happiness, peace, respect and a relative sense of control comes when you manage your life well. When you’re completely free to make your own decisions, when you owe no one money or favours, when you’re free from manipulation, blackmail and coercion, when you have more than enough to sort out all your needs in life, you are indeed a successful person.

However, irrespective of your personal effort to improve your worth, your value and quality you cannot fully manifest and glow if you’re not in and with the right crowd.

The juice in life is in companionship and communal living. If there’s no one to impress, share with, celebrate with, interact with and play with, you will not be motivated to do anything in this life. The joy of any achievement in life is having people to share the news and the success with. We all have a natural craving for social relevance and acceptance. We feel good when people think or know we are doing well in life. We feel bad and frustrated when other people appear to be doing much better than us in life. As humans, our emotional and psychological state is mostly influenced not from within but from our environment.

Therefore, no matter the quality of your person, the creativity you carry, your character, wisdom, intelligence, skills and attitude to life, if your crowd is wrong, you’ll most likely not succeed in life.

The quality of any seed is as important as the quality of the soil. For real productivity to occur, the seed and the soil must be compatible and of high quality.

For you to quickly advance and progress in life, the quality of the people around you must be right and high.

I keep saying it and I wouldn’t stop talking about how good company is one of the most important factors for your glory to manifest. No matter how good and wonderful you are, the company you keep – your companions can make you or destroy you.

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Some of us believe we have strong personalities and we can’t be easily influenced by friends or the company we keep, but have you considered the fact that, the time spent with anyone not adding any value to you or your destiny is time wasted; never to be recovered? Your time is your life, why waste it unnecessarily?

Dear friend, having the right people in your life would transform you faster than anything else in this life. Friends can make you wiser or more foolish. Friends can make you rich or poor, friends can make you ambitious or laid back; friends can constitute a treasure or a weight. Ladies and gentlemen, who are the people in your network – who are the people in your neighbourhood…?

Dear friend, you don’t have to be friends with everyone you meet. I’d like to share with you today, the kinds of people you need in your life. The kinds of people you should invest time with for you to have a rich, progressive, glorious and valuable life. Permit me to list them as follows:

  1. The experienced. This is someone you look up to because your preferred lifestyle, your dreams and ambition is similar in pattern with that of this person. This person is like a mentor to you in life. You admire the person’s life and you’d want your life to be like theirs also. This person should be like 10 to 20 years older. You will learn so much from their mistakes to avoid making the same in life. You need an experienced guide in life.
  2. A youngster. You need a friend you’re like 10 to 15 years older than in your network. Leaving a legacy is your ability to impact the next generation, however, you can’t impact them if you don’t understand them. You must understand the way they think, how they see life, their priorities, their language, their belief system, their peculiar challenges and their social inclination to gain their attention considerably. If you don’t know them, you can’t feel them, if you can’t feel them, you can’t influence them. Let your youngster friend teach you how to influence the younger people.
  3. A career mentor. This is different from a life mentor. A career mentor is someone you admire and respect in terms of their success records in career. Naturally, such a one should be in your line of profession. Their lifestyles, faith, race, ethnicity and value system may even contradict yours, but if they’re doing well in your field of career, you need them in your network to observe closely how they do it with career.
  4. A professional colleague. You need a friend within your profession. You need a sparring partner to rub minds with and engage in intellectual intercourse frequently to birth great professional ideas. Talking about what you do with someone passionate about it also is most rewarding, inspiring and gratifying. You need such a one in your network.
  5. The Entertainer. You need that person that can make you laugh always. You need that comedian, the jester; that will make a joke out of your pressure, worries, pain and fears and make them appear as nothing. You need to laugh every day, connect with that someone who can make you laugh daily.
  6. Money Manager – You need someone who is very literate when it comes to money matters. You need someone to school you, guide you and share tips on investment and how to manage your money better. You need someone who understands the market of money and how it’s trending. This person will help make you richer and keep your money safe.
  7. Spiritual partner – You need someone who aligns and agrees with your spiritual orientation, believes and practice. I’m not talking about a spiritual father in the lord and all that stuff, I’m talking about a spiritual friend; a real spiritual person that you can confess all your secret sins and real fears to without shame, knowing that friend will not judge you or condemn you but will sincerely and intimately pray, counsel and help you grow your spiritual muscles without judging, without the gossip, the blackmail and condemnation. You need someone to help build your spiritual muscles in your network.
  8. A lover. You need a lover in your life. Not someone interested in a love contract or emotional negotiations with you. You need someone who will just be there to spoil you, pay you attention, listen to you and surprise you with awesome things without wanting anything in return. Someone who doesn’t expect you to be perfect and wont judge your weaknesses. Someone you can cry to when you need to cry and such a one would wipe your tears and mucus with his or her clothes; hold and comfort you just for the sake of true love. You need a lover in your network as well.

All these relationships you can have in your parents, your siblings, your spouse, a colleague, a neighbour, an opinion leader in the society of just a friend. Blood is not always the most important thing in relationships, it is how you’re treated so you don’t have to hang around toxic discouragers and judgemental people even if you’re related by blood.

My dear friend, all these people you must know also are not going to be perfect. They would make mistakes, do wrong things and hurt you too. But you must understand their role and significance in your life and network and be grateful for them.

Stop wasting your precious and valuable time with people who can’t grow you. You absolutely need all these people in your network – as your soil for you to grow and bear much fruit.  Dear friend, hold your network.

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