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No one exists and succeeds in isolation. It is contrary to human nature. In fact isolation is a form of punishment, hence imprisonment is quite a part of our human system to address misconduct and vile behaviours in our society. Isolation is not good for humans, to destroy any man’s confidence, guts and gusto, isolate him.

It is tough to have any reason and motivation for living when you’re all alone in this world. It is repugnant to our human nature.

That is why it is natural and essential for us to exist in family and societal formats. To have villages, communities, states, countries and nations. We are wired to do things together as mankind.

Critical as this is to mankind, it can be very demanding, stressful and at times destructive relating with other humans. Human beings are the most difficult creatures to deal with on earth.

Their intelligence, power and ability to choose makes it pretty tough dealing and relating easily with people. Hence as important as it is to relate with other humans, you must employ the needed wisdom, intelligence and tact required for successful and fruitful interactions.

Human beings can deceive you, derail you, betray you, deny you, distract you, debase you and even destroy you.

If you lack what it takes to cope with humans, you may fail woefully in life – your intelligence, capacity and hard work notwithstanding.

To truly achieve your dreams, vision, ambition and purpose on earth, you must handle people as required.

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