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Do you want to be happy? Do you want to be successful? Do you want to be rich? Do you want to realize your dreams in life? Do you want to be a man of honor? Do you want to be a woman of substance? Do you want to be relevant, important, powerful, exposed and influential? Do you want to live a meaningful life? Do you want your friends, family and loved ones to be proud of you? Do you want Nigerians to make you a reference point when boasting about our great nation to other nations? Who are you? What are you? What have you achieved? How old are you? How far have you come? How far do you want to go?

Are you free, independent, in charge, in control of your happiness, your time, your choices, your lifestyle and your future? Are you truly living life or just passing through? What is stopping you?

Life, my dear friends can be very tricky and treacherous. There is a way life would make you assume you have the whole time to do all you are doing today and still have the time to do all you ought to be doing.

If you take a look at your life today and it appears what you really want is not the same as what you’re experiencing, it’s time to pause and think.

Life, I said can be tricky and treacherous. The more you hang around people who are enduring life, living in mediocrity, confused, abused, misused and subjugated, the more you think it’s okay to live that way.

Life I say again can be quite tricky and treacherous, the more you think your dreams, your goals, your ambition and vision are out of your reach and unrealizable, the more life affirms your thinking and agrees with you. And you’ll truly never achieve your dreams.

Life is lived from the inside out, not from the outside in. What you carry on the inside of you – how you see yourself, how you think, how you reason, how you judge and what you know will consequently find expression in your outer world. The quality of your life is a direct expression of the quality of your inner being. The tricks and treachery of life is to make you think and believe your environment and prevailing circumstances dictate and is responsible for the quality of your life.

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The life we see and love and appreciate physically today is a production of the collective human mind. Every man-made thing began and originated from within a human brain. The best of cars, the best of buildings, billion-dollar businesses, aircrafts, jewelry, gadgets, equipment, structures, organizations, social order, culture, traditions and lifestyle all first existed in the mind of a person before manifesting as a creation of value to all.

My dear friend, your greatness and glory has nothing to do with where you are it has all to do with who you are. Nelson Mandela for 27 years lived within prison walls and still became one of the greatest men ever in human history. He didn’t have the privilege of free interaction and identification for 27 years, he didn’t travel round the world neither did he enjoy the best of exposure and luxury It’s not about where you are, it’s about who you are.

The easiest thing to do in this life is to find and give ourselves good reasons why we are living a life very far from our real dreams, potentials and true capabilities.

Many of us are full of excuses. Excuses are the needed ingredients and materials for constructing a life of failure. Anytime you’re about to fail in life or at anything, your great and powerful brain begins to churn up good excuses.

Excuses are the lies we tell ourselves and others to cover up our real reasons for failure. Excuses serve to shield us from the realities of our lack of will and courage to do all it requires to succeed.

Excuses are useful when it is important we conceal our fears, inabilities, indolence and inertia.

Excuses are created as tenders when we become tired, frustrated, hopeless and discouraged – excuses become handy when we’ve decided to give up.

But the truth is this, excuses no matter how well packaged and expressed has never produced a champion. Excuses has never produced a genius, a great leader, an honorable man, a woman of substance, a multi-millionaire, a respected personality, a great achiever and a history maker.

Excuses keep you low, down, unsung, unnoticed, uncelebrated, broke, common, cheap and inconsequential.

My dear friend, I want to really challenge you this morning. If you want this your life to become very great and remarkable. Stop the excuses. No matter what you think your disadvantages are, people with worse ones have achieved greatness in life. No matter what you think your limitations are, people with worse limitations are today probably doing much better than you are. It’s really all in your head.  It’s not the reality.

Come on, you can become rich, successful, great, free, powerful and really happy if you choose today to bury your excuses.

Stop blaming everyone and everything. Nothing and nowhere is perfect in this world. The devil operates everywhere and has got different kinds and packages of trouble and problems for every nation.

Its time you realize and sincerely believe your world is different from the world. The world is around you, but your world is within you. If you manage your world well, the world will bow to your world.

Get up today and do that which you must do for your greatness and glory to manifest. Its time you pick up that book and read, its time you go for that program, its time you pay for that training, its time you write that proposal, it’s time to start that business, its time you pop the question and marry, it’s time to change your slow and laid back friends, it’s time you change your habits and dangerous lifestyle, it’s time to sleep moderately, eat moderately, exercise regularly, become disciplined, focused, hardworking, committed and dedicated.

Avoid the discourager and the mocker. Attachment to this kind of people won’t help your destiny. Its time you tell yourself no more excuses, no more excuses, no more excuses! Enough is enough! Face the challenge and surmount your mountains, endure hardship like a soldier and stand for what is proper even when it hurts. Don’t be vengeful, hateful, judgmental and loquacious. Take in a deep breath and take on your life like a champion, like a hero, like a leader, like one truly in charge. The whole creation, the whole world earnestly waits for you to manifest your glory and greatness. You are a city set upon a hill, stop burying your great destiny in excuses and mediocrity. Dear friend, no more excuses!

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  1. a worthy advise to all Nigerian. Good work Muyiwa as always thank you.

  2. John Adesiyan says:

    Wow.. I say to myself right now – No More Excuses..
    This is it.. It’s time to act..

  3. anosike michael says:

    True talk my mentor

  4. Akinrotoye Olaleye says:

    Thumb for you, mentor Muyiwa….. more vision of wisdom to do explore….bless u

  5. oxborn says:

    may God bless you my mentor……and give you more wisdom to encourage younger minds to meet up to their potentials….

  6. oxborn says:

    i would like to meet you someday…..

  7. Athanasius Chigozie says:

    This episode is like am into your office one on one discussing my new business idea and project.
    Chigozie from today on no more excuses.

  8. Makinde Oluyemi says:

    thanks for a million dollar advice you are given us for free. thank you sir!

  9. OBIFATHER says:

    Thank you sir!

  10. yusuf says:

    Great talk but i am still looking for avenue to meet you one to one

  11. Hafsat says:

    Thank you dear mentor. You are really on point!No more excuses.

  12. Akhimie Michael says:

    You are a blessing to our generation. God bless you

  13. Davidflames says:

    U r truly a worthy mentor!… NO MORE EXCUSES!

  14. Obi sandra says:

    This piece is timely. Thank you.

  15. Olabode Olusegun Victor says:

    Whaoo!! am so fortunate to come across you sir…..

  16. True talk Muyiwa, I’m saying to myself ” NO MORE EXCUSES” it’s time to wakeup and Act’s. Thanks Mr Afolabi, you are blessing to this generation; may God continue to streghten you and your team for more good work ahead.

  17. Nancy says:

    No more excuses, it’s time to act.

  18. Prosper Heaven says:

    oh my goodness! this is simply the gospel truth, indeed excuses has prevented some us from taking that bold step that would have made a huge difference in our lives. but with this taught provoking piece; I say to myself indeed “NO MORE EXCUSES”

  19. Aku Osilama says:

    Thank you for allowing God to use you to change the way we think in this part of the world, always giving excuses. May God continue to keep you for us in Jesus’ name (Amen).

  20. Vincent Morka says:

    Thanks for this advice
    No More excuse

  21. Alex says:

    God bless you sir,

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